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  • Free legal advice is everywhere and likely wrong according to The Star 12 February 2019

    As a Calgary-based employee-side employment law firm, we echo everything stated by Mr. Achkar: select your sources of legal “advice” wisely. This also includes carefully selecting your lawyer. We have clients seek us out quite regularly after receiving bad advice from other Calgary “employment lawyers”. This also includes those lawyers who falsely advise you that no grounds exist to take action, simply because there’s not enough billable hours in it for them, or a high enough dollar value attached to the claim to warrant their contingency fee model. Consult an honest employment law specialist. We’re Different. Contact your Calgary employment lawyers today! When it comes to employment and labour law, only trust a lawyer who practises in this field, Chris Achkar writes. Read more about free legal advice is everywhere — and likely wrong by Chris Achkar

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  • Calgary employment lawyers is giving back to the community 8 February 2019

    We are proud to announce that the recipient of Our Community $350 January Giveaway is Deer Park United Church – an inclusive, open, and progressive community contributing to the well-being of our City and the #lgbtq community through positive engagement and social work. Keep-up the great work and let’s continue to strengthen Our Community together one step at a time! Proud to continuously give back to Our Community. A New Era of Calgary Employment Lawyers. We’re Different.

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  • Calgary’s Clear Choice of Employment Lawyers for Employees 7 February 2019
    calgary wrongful dismissal lawyers

    Calgary’s Clear Choice for Employees. Straight talk from the public. Our clients see the difference. Reasonable flat-fees, an exceptional suite of accessible client-focused legal services and high-quality employment law advice from some of Calgary’s best trained, personable and experienced employment lawyers. If you’re experiencing any workplace-related issues and require clear and practical guidance, we encourage you to experience the new generation of innovative and friendly professionals. A New Era of Calgary Employment Lawyers. We’re Different.

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  • Terminations and layoffs are difficult on the entire family 7 February 2019
    calgary employment lawyers

    Employment Lawyers Calgary – YYC Employment Law Group Protect yourself, and your family. Terminations and layoffs are difficult on the entire family unit. It’s at times like these that we not only protect your legal interests, we protect your household. Reach out to us. We’re here for you. Calgary’s Leading Employment Lawyers for Employees. Employment Law Evolved. For Today’s Employees. We’re Different.

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  • Calgary Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers | Employment Lawyers In Calgary 6 February 2019

    Employment lawyers calgary for today’s employees. Top-Tier legal training and education. Calgary wrongful dismissal lawyers evolved. Call (403) 384-9204. At YYC Employment Law Group, we put you in touch with our lawyers directly – there is no “middle-man.” We’re all about connecting with our clients, and even better, we speak “your” language. Contact us today, to find out more about Calgary’s leading Employment Law group. See for yourself what sets us apart from your ordinary, every-day employment lawyers. We’ll invite you for a casual and informal discussion regarding your rights as an employee – we are always open for a coffee and a chat. We’re confident you’ll see the difference, and most of all, we’re confident you’ll feel comfortable joining Calgary’s most motivated wrongful dismissal employment lawyers. Employment Law Redefined – We’re Different Our fees are fixed so you know what to expect from the beginning – providing you with greater value, peace of mind and certainty not offered by other Calgary Employment Lawyers still using the outdated and inequitable billable hour. Your workplace issue shouldn’t prioritize your lawyer’s bank account – it’s all about you. We only represent employees and never act for employers – we are passionate about our work which translates into unmatched employee advocacy and representation. Our employment lawyers have received their legal training from some of the best and top-ranked national law firms in Canada, which provides you with the assurances of knowing your employment matter is being attended to effectively and efficiently and by high-quality legal counsel. We are life-long Calgarians and Canadian law school educated, uniquely knowledgeable of the local labour market and regional dynamics. We’ve grown-up in Calgary and worked here, just like you, before becoming employment lawyers. Employees need local and community-based legal representation. We are a virtual cloud-based law firm and do not have a centralized office or fixed business hours – we work remotely, are uniquely flexible and are committed to serving you on your schedule, within or outside of regular business hours. We accommodate your lifestyle by maintaining the ability to connect with you at any-time and anywhere there is an internet or telephone connection – this includes face-to-face meetings at any location you desire. What We’ll Do For You: The Employee Wrongful Dismissals Severance Reviews Reasonable Notice Assessments Just Cause Terminations Constructive Dismissals Human Rights Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Employment Agreements & Contracts Executives, Officers & Fiduciaries Breach of Fiduciary Duties Change of Control Protection (“Golden Parachutes”) Non-Competition & Non-Solicitation Advice Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality & Non-Disparagement Advice Occupational Health & Safety Short & Long-Term Disability Entitlements Employment Standards Independent & Dependent Contractors Fixed-Term Contracts Unionized Employees Duty of Fair Representation Complaints Grievance Appeals Workplace Investigations & Disciplinary Proceedings Equity-Based Awards PSU’s, RSU’s & Stock Options Share Appreciation Rights (“SARs”) Performance Bonuses & Incentive Pay Maternity & Parental Leave      

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  • Cloud-Based Telephone Systems for Business in Calgary 30 May 2017

    Cloud-Based Telephone Systems for Business Calgary Business Telephone Systems Communication is important for any organization’s success. Regardless of the size of a company or the field it’s based in, the system a company uses to communicate can save time, money and increase their client experience. Cloud-based telephone systems popularity is seeing large growth throughout Canada. The versatility of the service has helped to improve the cost efficiency of communications in a professional environment. There are many options when researching phone systems for a professional environment, are you looking for a premise based solution, a hosted solution or a combination of both? Do you want to manage and house the system or do you want the equipment and management to fall on your partner of choice? Will this be a capital or operating expense? Are you a multi-site business? A remote workforce? These are all important considerations when investing in such a critical piece of your business. A good cloud based solution should: Be Versatile. Users can connect to the cloud using multiple devices. Connectivity is also simple for multi-site operations , making it easy for decentralized businesses or organizations to keep a reliable, easy-to-use system of communication in place. Allow for easy scalability. You are a growing business, you need to ramp up new employees quickly or add the features you need, when you need them. With a hosted solution, one phone call should provide you with the support you require to make this happen. No long wait for phone lines, equipment and cumbersome processing. Provide Communication On the Go. Whether on-the-go means remotely from your home office, hotel or favorite coffee shop your VOIP solution should be able to move with you. Having a mobile application on your phone to replace your desk phone should be an expectation in today’s corporate environment. Be rich in features. A good quality hosted solution should provide all the features a business needs without nickel-and-diming. To find out more about the cloud-based telephone systems for business that have taken Canada by storm, contact Altitude Communications today at 403 538 5555.

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  • Managed IT Services 21 May 2017

    One-Stop Answer Towards Your Firm’s IT Related Difficulties The results of the organization relies upon on your IT infrastructure. Actually, It truly is often the supply of competitive edge for numerous smaller and medium-sized corporations. Outdated IT infrastructure or badly performing IT has an effect on the productivity of any business enterprise. For the majority of corporations, IT investments can become additional of the burden than the usual advantage. Operating a full-time, in-house IT office is usually a cumbersome stress. Time, funds, shortage of certified staff members and many others. are a few on the troubles confronted by most of the smaller and mid-sized companies. Therefore, a lot of organizations have turned to managed IT companies being a viable solution for his or her technological innovation desires. What are IT managed services? “Managed services” is often a expression accustomed to describe the new product of IT management, which has changed the normal IT help. In Managed providers, Managed Service Company (a crew of people owning skills in networks, pcs and various IT wants) handles the risk and duty connected with taking care of your IT systems. It provides a degree of skills and practical experience to your enterprise that could get treatment from the whole IT needs within your corporation. Which are the gains of managed IT solutions? Managed IT services in Calgary , IT solutions provide a number of advantages that will cause elevated functionality, reliability and protection of your enterprise with no exceeding the costs of using the services of a full-time team. Probably the most essential advantage of hiring network checking services service provider is that it stops high-priced network disasters by using proactive servicing measures. A prepared approach to offer data back-up, technique protection and disaster recovery is taken to make sure that your organization runs smoothly and reliably for your personal clientele. As the IT company supplier has deep knowledge of the solutions, resources and application, it may possibly deliver better and more rapidly technological innovation remedy. Using the services of a network upkeep services provider is a cost efficient solution to regulate your small business IT needs. By outsourcing IT support, you can focus on rising the productiveness and effectiveness of your respective business, instead of losing time and expense on resolving IT problems. What are the products and services provided by managed IT support provider? The technical team at community service provider performs remote servicing and support to the computer system community. They provide 24×7 world-class IT provider and network availability to make sure your network keeps operating at maximum pace and overall performance. They manage the virus defense program, often check the back-ups and program patches are up to date and maintained. In addition they acquire preventive and proactive routine maintenance steps to help keep your network as stable as possible also to improve optimum network balance. The really economical technological team can take care of any IT complications as they arise. Other services incorporate schedule desktop management, firewall management, updating computer software set up, spy ware detection and elimination and hardware and application auditing.

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  • The Counsel Network | Legal Job Recruitment Canada | Lawyer Jobs 26 July 2014

    Celebrating 25 years of Success Our owners and Managing Partners, Dal Bhathal, Sameera Sereda and Warren Smith, long time colleagues, peers and friends, could not imagine anything better than owning a business they were fundamental in building, moulding and making into the most respected, connected and powerful lawyer recruitment company in Canada.  Established in 1988, The Counsel Network was the first recruitment firm of its kind and continues to be an innovator and leader in the legal market. The Counsel Network maintains its sterling reputation of excellence, integrity and leadership.  Our leadership team is committed to ensuring that our growing team of highly trained and knowledgeable recruiters adhere to the same values and levels of service that The Counsel Network is known for. The Counsel Network is guided by a specific set of fundamental values. Each of these shapes our culture and defines the true character of our company and our people. Our core values are intrinsic to all aspects of our business. We know the market. We know lawyers. We are lawyers. KNOWLEDGE LEADERSHIP – All of our recruiters possess an unparalleled knowledge of the legal market.  Our competitive advantage stems from a long term, strategic approach to candidate and client relationships, a team oriented approach to recruitment, highly trained team members at all levels of the organization, and the use of first class resources and systems in addressing client needs.  We have worked with Canadian top-tier law firms and corporations as well as boutique offices, government and not-for-profit sectors.  This means our understanding of the business of law is unsurpassed in the Canadian market and that we possess and maintain relationships with the top performers. UNSURPASSED CLIENT SERVICE – We take the time to understand the key drivers and strategic challenges of your business, recruiting needs and firm goals. We invest the time to get to know our candidates thoroughly in order to make the best fit for both the client and candidate. We are accessible and provide timely and practical solutions to your concerns. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION – Our success is rooted in systems which create an unequalled, shared and detailed knowledge of the Canadian legal market, combined with a deep understanding of the business of law, which we pro-actively share with all our clients.  We have the largest database in Canada and can draw from resources around the country.  We continually improve the client/candidate experience through innovation and efficiency. INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY – We hold confidentiality and privacy in the highest regard.  All recruiters and employees of The Counsel Network handle client information and communication with the utmost discretion. Welcome to The Counsel Network.

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  • The Cowley’s “New” Rafter Six®! 11 June 2014

    ~ May 16, 2014 ~ Cowboy Logic: “When you get bucked off, you learn how to get up, dust yerself off and get back in the saddle!” After a long and challenging winter, the Cowley’s faith, hospitality & heritage are intact and “Back In The Saddle Again!” The Cowley Family are pleased to announce that Rafter Six® is once again “Open” for Horseback Riding & Wilderness Camping in the Canadian Rockies! The “New” Rafter Six® Horse Activities Center & Wilderness Camping will be located on our lands immediately adjacent to the original location. The Cowley’s World Famous Horseback Riding will resume with all of the variety of horses & horseback rides you have come to know, love and appreciate over the past 38 years! The Horse Program will be much more “intimate and interactive” than ever before, including rides and equestrian training sessions by 2009 Calgary Stampede Princess alumni Kateri Cowley! Horseback Rides ranging from pony rides for children, 1 hour rides, 1 ½ hour rides, 2 hour rides, ½ Day Rides, All Day Rides, Custom Rides, Supper Rides, Carriage and Hay Wagon Rides are all available by reservation. ~ For Immediate Release ~ Wilderness camping in the Canadian Rockies is also available for those with self-contained units, like RV’s, travel trailers as there are no hookups for electricity or water. Bordering Bow Valley Provincial Park, the campground will be random as there are no permanent camping sites giving it a feel of camping in the wilderness! A group fire pit is available for all to enjoy. Portable firepits and firewood are also available for campers. Rafter Six® is an Alberta family run business, and the Cowley’s have dedicated their entire lives, home, sweat and tears to the sharing and preserving Canada’s historical “Cowboy Western Lifestyle” with the world.” The Cowley’s have sincerely done their best to be good stewards while providing a unique, quality service with genuine hospitality to the world for the past 38 years.. Please continue to support the Cowley family by visiting the “New” Rafter Six® Horse Activties Center and Wilderness Camping in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. God Bless and Happy Trails… Until we meet again….. http://raftersix.com/

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  • Calgary SEO and Online Marketing 1 June 2014

    Calgary SEO and Online Marketing

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