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Travel to Canada

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In a nutshell, of course you will not tell about the journey that lasted more than a month, so I will detail. It all started with Peter, where my husband and I visited friends and Zoological Museum. The next day flew out from Pulkovo, and not having time to get on a plane immediately noticed the difference in mentalities, even for five minutes before landing we got nasty our customs (well, as it should be), and starting from the plane of German airline, and to return to St. Petersburg arrival, we were accompanied by radiant smiles, happy faces with a friendly tone.

After 3 hours of flight transfer in Frankfurt, then another 10 hours over the Atlantic, popyalitsya to Greenland, and here we are in Canada. Fly, look at it from a height of 11 thousand feet, and wonder how Canada still not settled. Some fields yes meadows. By the way, if not strange, all trimmed, “comb your hair” and is divided into even squares.

In the end, a day later, we spent a total of in the way, we finally landed on this “holy land”, where the time difference is -10 hours from Moscow.

Calgary (Calgary) – a city in which about 10 years ago, my father emigrated with his wife and daughter. The first day in Canada we have been allocated for the resettlement in their home and dumping, and almost the very next day we had given up all his family in Banff (Banff), then in Fairmont (Fairmont) on my dad’s car. We spent about a week.

Banff Travel to Canada

Drove around to different hotels, out of town on the famous Lake Louise (Lake Louise) which was formed as a consequence of the melting of mountain glaciers, bathed in the hot springs that flow directly from the mountains, and in spite of September there were still hot enough, and given the fact that with the weather we luck before the end of the holiday we splash not only in the hot springs but also in other basins in the open, adjacent to the hot keys, even managed to sunbathe on loungers in the middle of September.

We really liked the horse ride through the mountains, strashnenko of course, when on the steep slopes of the horse stumbles, or suddenly adds a step, but it was worth it, debristymi mountains thickly overgrown forest where we saw deer, various birds, which we considered to be rare, about protein I do not say anything, they’re running around all over Canada as we have a dog or a cat homeless.

We stopped in the mountains, (g Fairmont) in a small camp in a cozy house with 3- bedrooms, a fireplace, a large kitchen, and most importantly, this barbecues in the backyard. Barbecue in Canada as widespread as we kebab, but unlike us, they all are equipped with barbecues gas cylinder, ie Charcoal is almost toast. We basically liked it, especially convenient that such barbecues can put even at the balcony, and it is absolutely fireproof. We spent two nights in this so-called, bungalows, and went to the next town.

Banff – pure mountain tourist town, small but neat, not high 2- – 3-storey building small streets, each animal is called by some, street Wolf (Wolf st.), corner of Elk (Moose corner), Beaver Lane (Beaver Lane) etc. All cleaned, well maintained, as indeed in all of Canada. Nice to walk around, most do not want to even sneeze in order not to disturb the atmosphere of cleanliness, order, not to mention how to throw a candy wrapper.

In Banff we visit different museums Native American (American Indians, which became the first nation to settle Canada, so they have a special place in this country, a lot of museums, monuments, and of themselves, they sometimes appear in the crowd, of course, without feathers, as they represent them, but once you distinguish them from the rest thanks to their long-haired hairstyle.) By the way, the Indians call them there is not accepted, for them it is also a shame, as we have caucasian “chock” to name.

The main purpose of the visit to Banff for us was to climb to the top of the mountain, with the funicular (cable car), they called it Gondola (Góndola). Well, I have to describe my feelings for a long time, then it is better to see pictures, they are more informative to give an idea of ​​the beauty that we have seen in the peaks.

Come on, of course, walking around town, shopping, lodging, and home to Calgary, along the way visiting another pool filled with water from hot springs.

In Calgary, we spent a few more days, we went around a great big zoo, various museum, a walk in the center of the city, climb the tower Tower of Calgary (Calgary Tower) (their local landmark) in height 191m. it is approximately 70 story building. We also managed to get into the local school my sister to the meeting. Walked in different areas of the city, rich and not so, but all the same, because standard of living above our, poorer area there, we will be richer for the area. By itself, Calgary is very developed city with a million people, tall buildings built up only a small “island” – the center of the city. All peripherals dotted 1, 2- a maximum of three ex- storey residential houses, there is a 5- storey apartment buildings, but this is probably the tallest buildings in the city. Almost every district provides its own marketplace, well, it’s not a tent with socks as we do, and quite decent shops, offices, restaurants, fast food outlets, hospitals, supermarkets and so on where we are, in fact, spent shopping from time to time. Prices there are almost incidentally in general as we have. Something happens to be surprisingly cheap, things such as food, some, something is incredibly high, so the same foods well, such as Snickers $ 2 ($ 1 = 32rub). That is, differently, but on average it seemed to me that there as well, and the goods are almost the same.

After 3 days spent in Calgary, we rushed to Edmonton (Edmonton), a great city, but a little different from Calgary, in the time that we spent there, and it’s about a day, we visited only one place, but it is almost the national treasure all of Canada, it is the West Edmonton Mall (West Edmonton Mall), a huge building, even I would tale that is several buildings connected to each other, there is a great hotel “Fentezilend» (Fantasyland Hotel), where we stayed on the way, and night, in a room where a large hot tub right in the room, there is restaurants, an ice rink, and bowling, and clubs, a casino, a few floors for shopping (over 800 stores), etc., etc. To everything there is to get around, you need to stay in this hotel is not less than a week, but this possibility, the time or the material we unfortunately did not have. Especially as we were traveling in the main five of us, well, costs were appropriate.

At the heart of this mega-mall housed a swimming pool, it has a large, pirate ship, on board restaurant, and his stern we got to the presentation of fur seals.

Well, most of Edmonton’s main attraction, and probably all of Canada as a whole is a great big water park, this mega-mall. «World Water Park» includes 10 of the best water parks of the world, has the volume pool, with the biggest waves, tumbling on which I got a slight concussion stumbled back of the head on someone’s knee, that is, when the tide goes out there begins a “batch”, which you can easily drown, or get injured or what. We naturally perekatal almost all slides, extreme and not only for children not tested because time we had a limited and we did not spend it all in a row, select only the coolest water rides. Swam there until closing time, then had dried, snack and went bowling. Formed late, got up early and rushed forward, up the map in the northern city of Fort McMurray.

Fort McMurray (Fort McMurray) – an industrial city in the far north of the province of Alberta, Canada. The town itself is meager at the sights, it is famous for its oil-producing and oil-pererobytyvayuschimi plants, a lot of them out there, they take up almost the whole city, because dad works there we were able to ride on it and see how the oil is extracted from oil sand as processed as stored and transported as people live and work in these conditions. Approached closer to the huge structures through which the oil is extracted sand, saw huge cargo trucks, in which only one engine the size of a jeep and truck wheels up more probably, well, about the capacity of the body I do not say anything.

On the territory of one of the plants even bred buffalo. “This is – they say – take a look, we are not only ruthlessly polluting our environment with waste production (smoke, water, oil, etc.), but also the love and care of the animal world.” Just had a period when everything ducks peredohli , adjacent to the plants on the lake, immediately podsuetilis grinpisovtsy, newcomers are fined for the full program is one of the plants, and then there is a scarecrow ponastavili along rivers and lakes, to keep the birds flew to their life-threatening waters. Well lit and bison, to maintain ethological balance, so to speak. Although they themselves are then made cakes, so we were able to not only see them, but also to taste the burger with bizonchikom.

Well, in general, there is of course the animals less than, for example, in the same Banff, where the deer and mountain sheep out of the woods right on the street to chew grass. But I would not say that it was very cold, the weather is even better than we have at this time (end of September). We did not find even a single rain.

We visited the museum, probably the only one in Fort McMurray, called the Discovery Center (Discovery Center), where we have already managed to get into and a similar track, which I described above, and touch and smell these oil sands, we even had a demonstration of how oil is extracted, it is a fascinating story by the way, even though we do not understand, because in English, but thanks to my sister, who at all times has been in Canada for us and an interpreter and guide, got a lot of useful information.

We left this city of hard workers (as they call it) a couple of nights, “march” at 1000 km. and we are at home in Calgary.

The next week we spent holidays here again, went shopping, went to the amusement park, ride there on a different carousel roller coaster and amusement parks, etc. They are different from ours in that you pay N-th sum for the entrance to the park and ride there on the carousel which you want and how much you want without restrictions and additional fees. There are rides for adults, there is for the very young, well, in general, about as much as we do.

Not far from Calgary (a 2- hour drive), there is a town called Drumheller (Drumheller) – «capital of the dinosaurs.” Once upon a time many millions of years ago, was spent in Canada is wide and deep river that gradually changed its course, and in its place formed a deep canyon, which, in fact, built the town of Drumheller. In the process of construction excavations, the results of which are the remains of dinosaurs, mammoths and other prehistoric animals. And yet this city and famous. There is, of course, built a large dinosaur museum, for which we got there and drove off. Yeah-ah-ah, there’s certainly cool, our museums, which in Soviet times was not repaired, of course not nearly.

We returned to Calgary, had been there a couple of days, and on the road. Flew to Toronto (Toronto).



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