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Questers Dare To Change Book

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Carole Kanchier, PhD, Registered Psychologist,
Internationally Recognized Author/Columnist, Coach, Educator

  • Tips for Quitting Your Job 12 June 2018

    “I quit my job by email since that’s how I normally communicated with my boss. But I’ve been thinking that quitting by email may not be appropriate…!” Have you had enough? Is quitting the right option? If so, resign with class. But first, know why you’re leaving.   Do you have patience with customers or…

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  • Conquering Conflict 5 June 2018

    Are you frustrated with your boss or irritated at co-workers’ annoying habits? Do some customers’ behaviors infuriate you? How do you react in these situations?                                     In today’s workplace there are varied people with diverse perspectives and behaviors. Disagreements occur because people hear, see and interpret things differently. To resolve disagreements with people who have…

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  • Test Your Professionalism 29 May 2018

    During lunch a valuable customer makes an offensive racist remark. As a professional, how would you handle this situation? What does professionalism mean to you?   The American Heritage Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary define a professional as a person having a high degree of knowledge, skill, judgment and continuing practice in a particular activity.…

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  • Is Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Advancing Your Career? 22 May 2018

      You’re in a meeting when a colleague takes credit for your work. What would you do: 1) Publicly confront the colleague over ownership? 2) After the meeting, request she give you credit when discussing your work? 3) Nothing? 4) Publicly thank her for referencing your work, and give the group additional information? If you…

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  • How to Succeed in Your New Job 14 May 2018

      Rosemary writes: “I’m starting a new position and want to make sure I get off to a good start. What to do?” Starting a new job is exciting and sometimes intimidating. You have a fresh start, new challenges and renewed energy. But you may also feel apprehensive, particularly if you were fired or laid…

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  • Use Intuition for Career Decision Making 8 May 2018

    Use Intuition for Career Decision Making, May 7, 2018   Kathleen, a grade six teacher wonders whether to accept the promotion to principal. Les, a human resources manager, wants a job that “excites” him. Recently laid off, Barbara thinks this might be a perfect time to start her own business. Tom, an engineer, wants to…

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  • Wondering What To Do With Life? 3 May 2018

    Are you wondering what to do with your life? Wish you could understand and control your life career? Want to succeed in changing times? Two leading books show how to create your desired life. The books are based on Dr. Carole Kanchier’s ongoing research on career, personal, and spiritual growth. 1. Award winning, Questers Dare…

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  • Do You Feel Guilty at Work? 1 May 2018

      Have you ever felt guilty at work when there really was no reason to?   True guilt is the negative feeling we have when we harm others. False guilt, on the other hand, is a negative feeling triggered by not living up to standards that are no longer realistic or because of things outside…

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  • Prepare for Key Job Interview Questions 23 April 2018

        Preparing for interview questions will give you the edge over other qualified candidates. Although there isn’t one correct way to respond to questions, keep the following in mind: 1. Understand what’s being asked. Employers want to know about your adaptive skills (meeting deadlines) and personal qualities (dependability, motivation). 2. Answer questions briefly.  Present…

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  • Re-Entering The Job Market 16 April 2018

    Re-entering the Job Market   Amanda wants to reenter the job market, but she doesn’t know where to start! Ihor, who took time out to care for his aging mother, is in a similar position. Thousands of women and men who took time away from work feel the same as Amanda and Ihor. Those who…

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