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15+ countries to visit, no schedule, no time frame, just fun and adventure…

  • From Foz de Iguazu to Bahia 12 November 2012 After seeing both sides of the falls, I entered back to Brazil and continued back towards the coast. The idea was actually to get to Sao Paulo for the carnival and then head to the coast which was just a couple of hundred km away. On the inside, the views were mainly filled with hills […]
  • Iguazu Falls 8 October 2012 I was now finally in Brazil. One of the very few American countries which requires Canadians a Visa. It’s also said to be one of the most diverse when looking at natural beauty, but that was left to be seen. One major mistake was that I entered the country without exchanging any money. I thought […]
  • Uruguay + Entrance to Brazil 10 September 2012 It’s been a while since I posted but that doesn’t mean the trip ended there. The story must go on, at least a bit longer. From Buenos Aires, I headed along the coast towards Brazil but in order to get there I had to go through Uruguay. The idea was actually to do Uruguay and […]
  • Buenos Aires with Alejandro 25 June 2012 After the sand dunes, I decided to try and get to Buenos Aires as soon as possible. When I was ready to leave in the morning, I noticed once again that the tire was down. It wasn’t losing air too fast though so I decided to try and fix it with a spray I had […]
  • Riding north from Ushuaia 12 June 2012 After spending a couple of days in Ushuaia, I started heading back north towards Buenos Aires. I have to say that the #3 must be the most boring road of my trip. About 3000km of straight desert paved road with incredible winds pushing from the side. The unpaved part in Chile just after leaving Ushuaia. […]
  • Making it to Ushuaia 27 May 2012 I changed the tube with the one I bought from the nice gentleman in the estancia and I was hoping it would make it for 70-80km to the town of Gobernador Gregores. I had to pass through there anyway to get gas as it was the closest station. It’s a bit of a detour off […]
  • Mountains, lakes, desert, strong winds and flat tires… 21 May 2012 So my last post had nothing to do with my ride down south. Instead, for the first time since I left Canada, I reached out to those reading this blog and asked for a “favor”. I asked everyone to take less than 30 seconds of their time and sign a petition in order to try […]
  • Sign the petition pls. Days for Dilma veto: the pressure is building! 15 May 2012 I know that there are quite a few people stumbling up on this blog daily and I’d like to ask all of you to help on veto-ing a new bill which would allow deforestation of a large part of the Brazilian Amazon. This deforestation would affect everyone of you around the world as these trees […]
  • More Mountains, Lakes… and flat tires 11 May 2012 Direction: South towards Ushuaia. The roads looked something like this Doing a good 100km/h on a great gravel road shown above, I lost the rear once again. I make it to a full stop and by this time I wasn’t surprised to have yet ANOTHER flat. Nail went in through the middle and came out […]
  • Lakes and Mountains 5 May 2012 The nicest part of Chile and Argentina was starting to appear. Lakes, mountains, volcanoes and vegetation all around. Gorgeous scenery. The following picture was taken in Villarica. One of Chile’s most active volcanoes. This picture was taken in Pucon. I spent a few nights there exploring the surroundings. Nice lakes and a few hot springs. […]



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