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Jamie Bentley is a family owned jewelry store based in Calgary, Alberta. The blog is the extension featuring latest fashion trends and news from the prairies and beyond. Women can find useful suggestions matching outfits with jewelry and other interesting fashion tips right from Calgary so it’s local and pertains to us!

  • Kaela Kay by Catherine Addai 15 October 2012 Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would have a passion for fashion or that I would become a fashion designer. But, here I am, in my first year of business as creative director and head designer of Kaela Kay. I have always ‘loved’ clothes and shopping; but that didn’t necessarily […]
  • Up & Coming Fashion Designer 23 August 2012 Today’s guest post is from Gina Leslie, a fashion design student from Atlanta, Georgia. At the age of seven or eight I remember cutting old socks and scraps of material to make clothes for my Barbie dolls. It was completely fun for me, using a needle and thread to try and make a dress (or […]
  • Alaska Fashion Tackle by Sara Hondel 12 July 2012 As I was scanning the web one day, I came across the most unique handmade jewelry I’ve ever seen. I contacted the owner and asked for a guest post becuase I lover her creations and wanted to share them with our readers. Here is Sara’s bio, Enjoy!   One afternoon, I hit every thrift store […]
  • Matching Lady to Fashion Jewelry 5 July 2012 A woman can never have enough jewelry. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is an original quote that stays true though generations however not every woman can afford a basket full of diamonds so in most cases, anything shiny will do! Now that summer is here, we are coming out of winter hibernation and showing […]
  • Luxury Resort Wear by Megha Grover 7 June 2012 Fashion is an ever evolving industry where new trends are born by the minute! Indian designers have come a long way with their vibrant designs catering to prêt and couture lines!! In spite of such competition, designer Megha Grover decided to take a chance in this market and has come through as a designer known […]
  • Animal Instincts 1 June 2012 Tiger print fashion is always in high demand. Most popular with a younger more rebellious crowd, it symbolizes a knack for freedom and being wild, hence the animal prints. It’s an obvious connection and there is plenty available for sale but sometimes it’s hard to find tiger prints that are more conservative, geared toward fashion […]
  • Knits & Prints for Spring 15 May 2012 Prints Anyone watching what’s on the runway recently has undoubtedly noticed the vivid prints. It’s the real trend for the season, simulating a blooming garden, spring is the most common time when prints come out to play. Mary Katrantzou Spring 2012 Collection shown in London is a fine example of this style flooding our visual senses. […]
  • Calgary Mother’s Day Event Guide 8 May 2012 Did you know only 5 days remain until Mother’s Day? One of those occasions that has a knack for sneaking up quickly, if you’re not prepared we’ve assembled an event guide of different types of activities and events to choose from. Heralded as one the most important holidays of the year, mother’s are so essential […]
  • Prairie Fashion Life 2 May 2012 As lovely as it is living in the wide open plains with our sunny weather and relative lack of tornadoes,  fashion minded entrepreneurs seem to experience a disadvantage living here. Same as actors and actresses, if you live in Los Angeles you can get your big break since your right on the welcome mat of […]
  • Maid of Honor & Bridesmaid Necklaces 25 April 2012 Click to view Bridesmaid Necklaces Spring means one thing – new beginnings. From blooming flowers to spring showers the freshness of the world coming to life after winter slumber is always welcomed with open arms, especially by Canadians who are slowly coming out of hibernation! Spring also means the start of wedding season. Thousands of […]

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