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Founded by collaborative medicine pioneer Dr. Tracy Thomson (MD), Gaia Clinic consists of three branches – a Medical Centre, Yoga Studio, and Community-Based Events with workshops, classes and visiting practitioners offered on a regular basis. Our beautiful facility is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at Canmore’s Mountaineer Village.

  • Gaia’s Moving to Calgary 30 June 2016 After a wonderful eight years in Canmore, Gaia is making the big move to Calgary. This move is based on accommodating the majority of our clients and also the major stakeholders who live in Calgary. It was a bittersweet day working my last day in Canmore as I was reminiscent of the many powerful healing […]
  • New Collaborative Venture July 1st 27 June 2016 We are happy to announce that we will be working with the team at EvolveWell in Calgary starting July 1, 2016.  This is a fantastic collaborative venture and we are looking forward to working alongside some of our longtime respected colleagues in the areas of functional medicine and preventative health. General bookings will be though […]
  • Tucking The Tailbone For Core Stability? Not! 8 July 2014 by Julie Seibt We’ve all it heard it, in the gym, the yoga studio, perhaps evens a tai chi class “tuck your tailbone under”. It gives the feeling of a flat lower back and engages the core – but it actually creates tension, inhibits core strength and does nothing to stabilize the spine. Tucking can […]
  • Breast Thermography 8 July 2014 by Suzanne Sutherland Breast Thermography is a breakthrough imaging procedure where infrared images of the breast are analyzed and rated to determine the risk of developing breast cancer.  The infrared imaging process allows you to see the range and amount of heat or thermal energy emitted from the body. Structural tests, such as mammograms and […]
  • Headaches, Necks and Jaws – an Osteopathic Perspective 7 July 2014 by Alison Daniel Tension Headaches Almost all of us have experienced a headache from time to time and for many they are simply resolved by taking a pain killer and moving on. But for some people, headaches are more persistent than this and can occur frequently, causing pain and also affecting mood and energy levels. […]
  • Beginner’s Hatha Yoga 5 Week Course promises much more than flexibility 7 July 2014 by Christine Davidson At 23 year of age I was nearing the completion of my University Degree, I was in a relationship with a wonderful man, had the loving support of a couple of close friends and a large family.  I had recently been hired part time by a not for profit agency doing interesting […]
  • “Fantasies of Flying” documentary to be released in 2014 27 May 2014 Award winning filmmaker soon to release documentary about her journey of healing – filmed at Gaia Clinic. Fantasies of Flying produced by Path to Freedom Films Ltd. Documentary on Native American Suicide Canadian documentary on Native American/First Canadian suicide filmed at Gaia Clinic is due to be released in 2014. Georgina Lightning plans to release […]
  • Pain and Aging – What’s your story? 1 May 2014 Are you being real about your aches and pains, are you in denial, or are you accepting more pain than your body has to have? Are you pushing away or repressing pain? Do you have belief systems or “stories” that are preventing you from feeling better now and in ten years from now? From the […]
  • Spring Sleepless 2 April 2014 by Julie Seibt, CYT The arrival of spring brings daylight hours surpassing our preferred hours of sleep. A welcome change and yet a challenge for those who have difficulty sleeping. We’ve heard exhaustive lists of benefits to a good nights sleep, from sharper mental performance to weight management. We know we need it. We follow […]
  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy – and how it’s different from Chiropractic and Physical Therapy 2 April 2014 by Alison Daniel One of the most common question I am asked is what the difference is between osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy. These three therapies are all based on the human body with the same anatomy and physiology, so I believe the primary difference lies in the philosophical approach to treatment. As an osteopath I […]

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