Christina Rowsell

Christina Rowsell

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Christina Rowsell – Leadership Solutions – Confident Public Speaking – Effective Presentation Skills – Media Solutions

For the past 20 years Christina has been a recognized broadcast professional in Calgary, Alberta, focusing on making people laugh and smile. You probably recognize her name, if not her voice, from flying over the city reporting traffic, co-hosting morning shows, working in promotions, hosting locally produced TV, to producing and hosting a syndicated show across Canada.

Christina has mastered the art of conversation. With that skill, Christina comes through as a polished speaker and a leader in public speaking. These skills can be passed on to business leaders to enhance their image as a confident speaker.

Whether you’re presenting to stakeholders, board meetings, employees, clients or the media, it takes confidence to deliver an effective message.

Christina will share the skills you need to be heard.

To learn more about Christina and how she can bring one of her my talents to enhance your profile, reach out today!

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