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  • Girl Crush: Jaime Wedholm 15 January 2018

    Who: Jaime Wedholm, brilliant graphic designer, brand champion, and small business ambassador. Why I crush: I have had the good fortune to watch Jaime’s business grow over the last 4 years, and kind of feel like I am part of her story. Jaime is relentlessly positive, except when she’s had a few glasses of wine. She’s still positive, just with more swear words. I am proud to call her my colleague and lucky to call her my friend. 1st Impression Confession: I had completely forgotten where and when I met Jaime. Fortunately, Jaime did remember where we met – at a networking…

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  • Girl Crush: Velva Dawn 28 December 2017

    Who: Velva Dawn Silver, goddess healer and teacher, a beacon to all those in the light, angel and goddess healing realm. Why I crush: Velva Dawn has been through so many challenges in the few years that I have known her, and she has overcome every single one – as she would say – with ease and grace. Velva Dawn is genuine, caring and easy to be around. She has a collection of women around her who she wholeheartedly supports and who love her equally in return.  1st Impression Confession: My first encounter with Velva Dawn happened over the phone. I had…

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  • Girl Crush: Rada Chalfin 7 December 2017

    Who: Rada Chalfin, fashion-forward, closet-cleaning, style consultant who will cull your closet, telling you to toss that sweater from 2001.  Rada knows the rules of fashion aren’t one size fits all. Why I crush: Rada has such great energy and her videos on the Style U Best Facebook page make sense to anyone who watches them. Rada has no fear about telling it like it is, but she genuinely wants every woman to embrace her shape and wear only the clothes that suit her best. Her accent is charming, and reminiscent of my childhood, where I was surrounded by string women…

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  • Girl Crush: Yvonne Laanstra 21 November 2017

    Who: Yvonne Laanstra, certified in many things including colour co-ordinating, interior decorating and home staging. In short, she can make ugly seem glorious and harmonious (my words, btw). Realtors love her for her staging finesse.   Why I crush: Yvonne is a lovely person, right through to her core. She continually surprises me with her fearless approach to anything she sets her mind to. She is a dreamer and a doer, and she inspires me daily. She jumps on board with all my crazy ideas and has been a supporter since the day we met. And here is a secret: Yvonne journals…

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  • Girl Crush: Julie Van Rosendaal 6 November 2017

    Who: Julie van Rosendaal, food celebrity, blogger, cookbook writer, and producer of the my favourite recipe newsletter on Dinner With Julie. Why I crush: Julie is my favourite celebrity who doesn’t think she is famous. Her modesty is legendary and she will blush when you draw attention to her mad skills in the kitchen. She is not shy about her passion for food and cooking, though. The recipes she shares on her website are infused with stories of live and great memories and that is exactly what food should be about. As a bonus, the recipes are totally do-able and don’t require…

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  • Girl Crush: Dina Ferreira Stoddard 17 October 2017

    Who: Dina Ferreira Stoddard, creative genius behind Klutch, mom of two girls, big personality (with killer halloween makeup skills)  Why I crush: Dina and I lived in the same neighbourhood in British Columbia, Canada. She has moxie – for real. She has so much energy and her love for life is infectious. She can laugh at herself and her two daughters, and has happiness written all over her. She has mad talent as a photographer and I will forever treasure our family photo session where she was able to capture the essence of motherhood: wiping a stray booger from my…

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  • Girl Crush: Katie Krimitsos 3 October 2017

    Who: Katie Krimitsos, founder of Biz Women Rock, podcaster, tireless cheerleader of women entrepreneurs. Why I crush: Katie and I have never met in person, unless you count our video chats. She is a champion of women in business, a mom to an adorable little girl and a partner in biz and life to her husband Chris. Katie has infectious energy and a laugh that makes anyone smile. She works hard, sets lofty goals and always has an eye on what’s next. She shows up in sweaty, post-workout glory on Facebook Live because she has to share when the lightbulb…

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  • Making sense of YouTube analytics 21 September 2017

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can get lost in analytics like a scrapbooker gets lost in Pinterest.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am a numbers geek. I get easily overwhelmed by too much information, especially when I can drill down into minutiae and play with parameters. I could easily spend hours trying to navigate through Google analytics and still only know what my most popular blog was last month. But it’s a whole different story when it comes to YouTube analytics. The video-sharing platform makes is so simple to discover who is watching your videos,…

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  • Video Marketing Case Study – Facebook Live Video 23 June 2017

    How a Facebook Live Strategy brought new business and awareness to Tasha Belix, child psychologist   The Rundown: Tasha Belix and I have been talking about video for a couple of years. I sent a proposal after our first meeting in 2015, but it died on the vine. Tasha, who was still building her signature program, B’Teen Girls, a groundbreaking program for girls ages 9-12, was not yet ready to take the plunge into video. Earlier this year, I ran into Tasha at an event, and she was enthusiastically asking me questions about Facebook Live. What did I know? Could…

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  • How video marketing can be like the best frozen yogurt 19 June 2017

    Are you ever really satisfied with just plain froyo? Probably not, and with video marketing, more toppings means a more fulfilling experience.   Plain Run of the mill, one flavour only. Boring. If you only ever create one video, don’t anticipate much action. That’s like having vanilla frozen yogurt every single time you go the shop. Mix it up a bit. If you can’t afford a double scoop, add some flavour with live or DIY video.   Plain with Chocolate Sauce Saucy, but safe. You can sweeten your one video by running it through an editor. If possible, add another…

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