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Call me Kayjer

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I’m Kylie and this is my blog. I write about life in Calgary, AB, Canadian issues and current events, my friends, family and life as a university graduate. I work in the non-profit sector and love my job. I have two cats and live with my boyfriend in a Calgary fourplex in a great neighbourhood. Otherwise known as Kayjer.

  • Making the most of free spins bonuses 9 May 2017

    Getting the most from your online casino’s free spins options requires you to fully understand what you are accepting when taking the free spins offer. Free spins let you wager and spin on pokies without any cost to you. Any winnings gained from these spins will get added to your account to spend as you wish. The free spins bonuses are used by online casinos to entice new players to join the site. The Terms And Conditions There are generally…

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  • How to spot a problem gambler 9 May 2017

    Spotting Problem Gambling Gambling can be a very addictive past time. This is in part thanks to the thrill that wining real money supplies. With online casinos, it can be even more difficult to curb problem gambling behaviour. If you or a loved one is concerned about problem gambling, there are a few tell tale signs to look out for. Lying To Friends Or Family Usually lying about your gambling is the first step down the road of problem gambling….

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  • Casinos 27 March 2017

    How To Find Top Online Casinos Casinos have always been an extremely popular pastime across the world, but nothing truly made the industry explode as the online casino did. Online casinos are now the standard for all modern casinos, and due to their wide-reach, extensive game libraries and bonuses, they are also highly sought after by new players. One of the biggest problems that new players face is finding a casino that suits them, which can be a difficult task…

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  • real money pokies 14 February 2017

    Get the Edge on Real Money Pokies Playing real money pokies has become an increasingly popular way for New Zealand residents to spend their time online. It’s a fun, novel way to spend those few minutes you have to spare and with real money up for grabs, it can become a potentially lucrative pastime to pick up. There are loads of top-rated pokies games available to play online that feature compelling themes, eye-catching graphics and exciting bonuses. Real money pokies,…

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  • Hound Hotel 4 January 2017

    Players are Panting for Microgaming’s Hound Online Slots Slots lovers and dog lovers alike will enjoy Microgaming’s Hound Hotel online slots game, since it incorporates its adorable doggy theme with this company’s excellent formats and features. There are a number of bonus games for players to enjoy that include wilds; stacked wilds; dashing wilds; super stacked wilds; expanding wilds; wild reels; split wilds; and super wild reels. Hound Hotel has 25 fixed paylines for spinning, but, thanks to the fact…

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  • Gold Factory 22 December 2016

    Mining for Treasure in Gold Factory Slot There are a few slot games today that are themed toward the luxury side of things and make a point to embellish these aspects of the game to bring out an otherwise incentivised experience. This Gold Factory slot game from Microgaming is not quite based on a theme of luxury but rather inherits a few factors from it while it imbues another theme style, one of mining and digging for buried treasures. This…

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  • Hawaiian Treasure 8 September 2016

    Hawaiian Treasure Online Slots To most of us, Hawaii signifies bright blue skies, crystal clear water and pristine beaches – in short, summer holidays.  Hawaii is home to over a million permanent residents, and is one of the states of the United States of America.  Hawaii is the only island-like state, and is completely surrounded by water.  Millions of tourists visit Hawaii every year, including volcanologists, biologists and holiday-goers. Hawaii is home to a rich and diverse variety of fauna…

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  • Happy Fruits 8 September 2016

    Happy Fruits Online Slots The opinion that the rise of themed online slots will eventually cause classic fruit machines to disappear completely from the slot scene is not based on fact, or even probable for that matter.  Slot machines are, after all, still referred to by many as fruit machines, as this is what immediately comes to mind as a result of where it all started:  Charles Fey’s Operator Bell Machine. In fact, many people still list fruit machines as…

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  • Happy Days 8 September 2016

    Happy Days Online Slots Happy Days is an online video slot based on the 1970’s television sitcom with the same name.  The sitcom revolved mainly around Richie Cunningham, his family, and his best friend, Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli.  Happy Days was a household name, and is still fondly remembered by many.  The show aired for 11 seasons, running from 1974 to 1983. Classic, highly rated television shows have become favourites in the world of online slots, and Happy Days is…

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  • Hangman 8 September 2016

    Wheel Of Fortune Online Slots Wheel Of Fortune is an online video slot developed by IGT, and based on the popular television game show, Wheel Of Fortune.  Wheel Of Fortune is a competition during which players must solve various word puzzles, and functions on the same concept as the timeless classic game, Hangman.  The television game show first aired in 1975, and was adapted over the years that followed by various producers and television networks, so much so that it…

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