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Calgary Realtor Jerry Charlton has lot’s of good advice and news concerning buying a home in Calgary or selling a home in Calgary. Lots of charts and graphs, including this amazing Historical Calgary Home Prices chart going all the way back to 1968. Bookmark this blog as a great resource that is constantly gathering useful Real Estate information in one place for Calgarians in particular, but everyone that has an interest in buying or selling a home.

  • Avoid MLS® Failure 16 October 2017

    2,390 Failed MLS® Listings in the last 3 Months in Calgary

    What is a failed MLS® Listing?
    A Failed MLS® Listing is a listing that Did Not Sell the first time it was listed on the Calgary Real Estate Boards MLS® System.

    Why did these homes not sell in the first 90 days they were MLS® listed?
    The #1 reason those homes did not sell is because of the asking price.

    Setting the right price is the difference between a Failed MLS® Listing and a Successful MLS® Listing.

    How does setting the WRONG price happen?

    1. Sellers choose the Wrong Realtor®
    2. Sellers fail to have the same research that home buyers and banks have
    3. Sellers set a price based on opinions not facts

    Choosing the Wrong Realtor is the Number One Reason homes are put on MLS® with a price that sets Sellers up for Failure. “Buying The Listing” is a strategy used by Realtors® just to get the listing. Sellers decide they will list with whoever says the highest price. Unless the highest price is backed up by same research, a home buyer and a home lender have, this is a Failing Strategy that most sellers will regret.

    The easiest way to tell if you might have the Wrong Realtor® is if the Realtor® does not provide you with the same detailed research that buyers and banks have.
    Choosing the Wrong Realtor® sets you up for Failure!

    The days of setting a price OVER MARKET VALUE to see if someone will pay it are long gone and a proven Failing Strategy. It failed in Calgary 2,390 times in the past three months.

    Everybody has access to the same real estate market information today. The Banks however also send out their own Home Appraisers and will only offer you a mortgage based on the Bank Appraised Value or Selling Price whichever is LOWER. So, on the off chance, you found someone willing to pay over market value, they would Fail to Get A Mortgage at the inflated value.

    Avoiding MLS® Failure starts with setting the price properly with the help of the Right Realtor®.

    Getting your home sold involves much more than the Right Price and the Right Realtor will help you to make the Right Choices all throughout the MLS® Success Process.


  • 2017 – Total Residential Monthly Sales as of Aug 24 24 August 2017

    Calgary Total Residential – Monthly Sales

  • Calgary Home Values 12 August 2017


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  • 2017 Remax Canadian Housing Report 8 December 2016

    REMAX 2017 Canadian Housing Market Outlook Report

  • Nov 28, 2016 – Buyers Market for Condo’s in Calgary 28 November 2016

    How’s the Market – Supply & Demand Nov 28, 2016

    Buyers Market in Condo’s continues in Calgary while Detached Home Sellers enjoy the opposite.

    These numbers are slightly skewed because CMHC changed the lender’s insurance rules for mortgages yet again in Oct. This caused a rush of buyers that had to get in before being locked out of home ownership completely.

    Now CMHC says they are Thinking about doubling the minimum down payment required which will knock out another huge number of Canadians from buying a home. CMHC must be full of landlords!

    Bad news for Condo sellers in Calgary as inventory will pile up more because most first time home buyers are Condo Buyers.


    Keeping watch on the supply will help you predict the future of prices as well. Supply goes up and prices go down as sellers fight each other to get homes sold. Low supply and buyers fight each other causing prices to go up.


    And keep an eye on the banks as they raise interest rates in the near future.

  • First Time Real Estate Investors Start Here! 23 November 2016

    If you are thinking about investing in Real Estate for the first time I encourage you to think about the monthly income from the property first.

    You need a monthly rent cheque to pay the mortgage, property taxes and property insurance as the basics.

    If you take one step back from a monthly rent cheque, you need somebody to give you the rent cheque in exchange for the use of the property.

    So perhaps before you run out looking at properties you should give some thought to tenants. Who are they? Where to they live now? What kind of jobs to they have? Where do they work? Are they new to Calgary, or new to Canada, or first time renters, or long time renters? How do you find them? How do you avoid bad tenants? How do you pick the best tenants? How to you treat your tenants after they move in?

    For Rent ads and signs attract people that need to rent a place to live. Quality of ads and signs have a direct effect on the quality of tenant applications. You are never obligated to rent to anyone that applies. It’s your choice and the simple answer to anyone you do not want to rent to is “We’ve Decided to Rent to Someone Else”.

    When you take the time to learn how to attract great tenants you will get great tenants. If you are a lazy landlord willing to take the next person that comes along with a good story to tell and a cheque in hand you will get burnt 9 times out of 10. Bad tenants can spot a lousy lazy landlord very easily.

    Let’s get back to the Monthly Income a property will generate. Today, Nov 23, 2016 in Calgary on there are 7,629 total rental listings that include apartments, basement suites, condos, duplexes, houses, lofts, main floors, townhouses and shared accommodations.

    There are houses for rent in Calgary right now starting at approximately $1,200 a month on Today in Calgary there are 354 MLS Listed homes from $300,000 to $400,000 that would rent from $1,200 to $1,800.

    If you take the low-end rent of $1,200 and deduct $300 for taxes and insurance you would be left with $900 to make a mortgage payment in a break-even scenario. Using my Canadian Qualifier Mortgage Calculator, I enter $900 as a payment amount, 2.5% as the interest rate and 25 years as the term and when I press the Loan Amount button it tells me that $900 a month will carry a $200,908 mortgage loan.

    So, on a home that cost $300,000 you would need to put down $100,000 and rent it for $1,200 a month to break even on the monthly cash flow. You would however be making close to $500 a month from the paydown of the mortgage. The change in value of the property goes up and down over time and only matters when you sell or refinance to take some profits out. Even at this break even scenario you would get a 6% return on your $100,000 investment. When rents go up and property values increase the return gets even better.

    When was the best time to invest in Calgary Real Estate? Anytime before today. When is the second-best time to invest in Calgary Real Estate? Today!

    Feel free to contact Jerry Charlton 403 831 0842 for more information.

  • Let’s Negotiate ! 19 November 2016

    Being a Realtor involves a lot of negotiations.

    It starts with choosing a brand and an office. I chose Remax after trying some smaller and cheaper companies. Looking back I should have made the investment from the start and gone with the Number One Real Estate Brand in the world.

    Remax in Calgary isn’t just one company, each office is independently owned and operated as a franchise. So after choosing the Remax Brand I had to choose the office. After a bit of research, I applied to join Remax Realty Professionals because they had the highest average production per agent of all the Remax offices in Calgary.
    And I liked the name Professionals because to tell you the truth there are a lot of amateurs in our business.

    Our Remax office is filled with busy, full-time, client focused Realtors that know how to get things done properly and professionally! 


    We also take opportunities to upgrade our skills through Remax sponsored training events and other industry specific events. Which brings me back to the topic of this post.

    Negotiation for Realtors never ends. We negotiate with everybody! Some negotiations are easy and some get difficult for any number of reasons. If you’re not a good negotiator you have no hope of being a top Realtor. And if you are a good negotiator you can always get better. That’s what a large group of Realtors did this week in Calgary at the Calgary Real Estate Board and I was one of them.

    I am now a Master Certified Negotiation Expert ready to help you buy or sell when the time is right for you. 


    Master Certified Negotiation Expert - Jerry Charlton

    Jerry Charlton - Master Real Estate Negotiator




    Remax Calgary - Jerry Charlton

  • Posted Mortgage Rate Rip Off 31 October 2016

    The most recent mortgage rule change that has yanked the welcome mat from underneath first time home buyers has put the spotlight on Posted Mortgage Interest Rates.

    The Posted Mortgage Interest Rates used to serve just two purposes.

    Number one is the banks use the posted mortgage interest rate to rip off Canadians that pay off the mortgage before the term is over.

    Number two is the banks use smoke and mirrors to fool Canadians into thinking the bank is giving them a break from the posted mortgage interest rate.

    The banks have the full blessing of the Government of Canada to keep the interest rate rip off scam going. The banks want Canadians to believe that the Posted Mortgage Interest Rates are what they normally loan mortgage money at. That’s as phoney as a three-dollar coin. It’s a mythical number the banks use to create confusion and rip off Canadians because NO ONE pays the Posted Mortgage Rate.

    Rip Off number one is the Payout Penalty Scam run by the banks and sanctioned by the Government. Life happens and people sometimes have to move or they might win the lottery and want to pay off their home. Whenever someone chooses to pay off their mortgage debt early the banks cry foul and impose a Pay Out Penalty based on the bank supposedly lending that same money at the Mythical Posted Mortgage Rate. The difference can be so high that it forces people to be held hostage to a house that no longer works for them. Or suck it up and get Posted Mortgage Rate Ripped Off by the Banks.

    Rip Off number two is the Discount Mortgage Rate Scam run by the banks and sanctioned by the Government. The banks want us to believe that everybody pays the Posted Mortgage Rates except us. We are special and the banks are going to give us a Discount off the Posted Mortgage Rates. The Big Problem with that is nobody pays posted rates. Nobody has paid posted rates since the internet pulled back the curtain on that bank scam.

    Now the Mythical Posted Mortgage Rate is being used by the Government to Stress Test borrowers that have a low down-payment. So instead of qualifying for the Actual Mortgage Interest Rate that you will be paying monthly, you must qualify at the Artificial Posted Mortgage Rate that nobody ever pays.

    This new rule based on the false rate banks use to penalize and trick Canadians with is now being used by the Government to keep a Dream Home for a lot of Canadians just a Dream. It’s creating forced density as families double up, staying with in-laws longer than planned.

    The Government wants you to be ready for interest rate hikes in your mortgage. At the current rate of approximately 
    2.5% the banks get about 45 cents of every dollar of your mortgage payment with the rest going against the principal. At the phoney posted rated of 4.64% the banks would get about 70 cents of every dollar of your mortgage payment with 30 cents going to the principal.

    If actual mortgage rates do go up to 4.65% which is what the Government and banks seem to be setting us up for, it would be a transfer of wealth from Canadians to banks. Twenty-Five cents on the dollar that used to go towards paying off the original principal of your mortgage would instead go to the banks as pure profit.

    25% of every mortgage payment in the country would go to the banks
    instead of reducing the household debt of ordinary Canadians.

    And reducing the debt of ordinary Canadians is what the Government says they want and why they came out with this new Stress Test Rule that uses the Mythical Posted Mortgage Rate.

    Posted Mortgage Rates are a Rip Off used by the banks to 
    penalize and trick Canadians and is now used by the Government to lower Government Backed Insured Mortgage Debt.

    This will not decrease ordinary overall Canadians debt. It will decrease the amount of debt they have that is 100% backed by the government, but 
    overall debt will still be there.

    Posted Mortgage Rate Rip Off now has three scams used against ordinary Canadians.


    Bank of Canada 5 Year Posted Mortgage Rate


    Applying a Mortgage Rate Stress Test to All Insured Mortgages

  • 2016 Leaf Drop Off Map – Calgary 27 October 2016

    The City of Calgary has set up 35 locations all over the City for you to drop off your leafs for composting by the City. Pick up some Brown Paper Leaf Bags at Rona or Home Depot, rake up your leafs and drop them off at any one of these leaf drop-off locations.


    You have until Sunday, November 6th to drop off your bagged leaves and pumpkins to a drop-off location to be composted.

    Find a drop-off location near you!

    By composting your leaves and pumpkins, you help:

    – Decrease use of our landfills
    – Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    – Turn waste into nutrient-rich compost
    – Help collection crews during peak times of the year

    When yard waste is put in the landfill, it doesn’t break down. Instead, it releases carbon dioxide and methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Composting this organic material helps greatly to reduce greenhouse gases and turn it into nutrient-rich compost supporting the growth of new plants.


    Calgary Leaf Drop Off Map 2016

  • How to Fire Your Realtor 28 September 2016

    The truth is lots of people end up wanting to fire their Realtor after the listing contract is signed.

    We see it all the time as listings expire unsold only to be re-listed with another Realtor. Like any relationship, there is no shortage of reasons clients want a new Realtor. Bad service, no service, bad communication, no communication, broken promises, bad marketing, no marketing, personality conflicts, conflicts of interest, are just a few of the things we hear from unhappy clients.

    So How do you fire a Realtor? The Alberta Real Estate Association has a form called Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement Termination. This standard form when signed by the Realtor and the Sellers ends the Listing Contract.

    The time to get your Realtor to sign this form is BEFORE you sign the listing contract.

    Now you have the only document required to fire your listing Realtor. It becomes a performance agreement because now your Realtor knows if they don’t do the job as agreed you will exercise your right to use the signed termination agreement and fire your Realtor.

    This Termination Agreement is the first document we sign and give to you if we agree to list your home. Your Realtor should offer you the same document. If they don’t want to give you the right to end the listing contract before it expires, I would question their commitment, confidence and competence in getting your home sold.

    So Firing your Realtor is something to agree to BEFORE you sign any Listing Contract. The Listing Termination Form is a standard form from the Alberta Real Estate Association that all Sellers should have signed by their Realtor and ready to use if required.

    That’s how you Fire your Realtor.

    If you would like a copy of the Listing Termination Form on hand before you meet with a Realtor to list your home for sale, just click on the link below to download a pdf copy.

    Listing Termination Form from the Alberta Real Estate Association

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