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  • Altadore Homes For Sale, Why You Need To Use A REALTORĀ® 13 September 2012

    In this article based upon Altadore homes for sale, I’ll speak on the topic of why you need to use a Realtor® when buying Altadore homes for sale. Many people no matter their background, from brain surgeons to mechanics have no clue as to how to be properly represented when purchasing a home in Altadore real estate.


    Altadore Real Estate Professional Crystal Tost
    Altadore Real Estate Professional Crystal Tost


    Altadore Open House Story

    I recently met a buyer at one of my open houses who was relocating to Altadore. I asked the buyer if they a local Realtor® aiding with their purchase. The home buyer stated “no, they do their own research on homes for sale then cruise around the city calling for sale signs and attending open houses. When we find one we like we will probably work with that Realtor®. I can save myself money on commission so why deal with a buyer’s Realtor®?”

    Benefits of an Altadore Realtor

    I explained to the home buyer many advantages of working with a Realtor® in their search for homes for sale in Altadore Calgary. The buyer listened attentively then said “This isn’t my first time buying a home, I know what I’m doing.” I explained more importance’s and advantages then finally stated “You use a computer often right?” The buyer stated “Duh, yes!”I then stated, “You look at a lot of homes on the internet besides just cruising and calling signs right?” For sure, the buyer said. I stated “You have antivirus protection on your computer right? “Indeed I do, I don’t surf the net without protection.” I then said that hiring a Realtor® is similar to your antivirus on your computer, they protect you when it comes to real estate. as a buyer you should never go looking for homes in without a Realtor®, a buyer’s Realtor® will stand by you and protect you, a buyer’s Realtor® is to be in your best interest not the sellers. The Realtors® you meet at open or come in contact with is working for the seller and their commitment is getting that their seller the best price for their home not the buyer. The buyer stated “your right” I shook their hand, gave them my card and wished them the best.

    Altadore Home Buying Process

    In my initial consultations with clients prospective clients, I explain the various representations and how I will be representing them as a Realtor®. Being a single Realtor® is a common form of representation and buyer’s love it. They love it because they like the idea of someone working just for them? Realtors® who work under one agency representing clients owe a financial responsibility to their client. Those Realtors® cannot share confidential information with others. Single agency Realtors® must use ethics and due diligence to perform their real estate duties in addition to disclosing all facts and being honest.

    Altadore Real Estate Agency

    Once this single agency bond is formed, the real work can begin. The home buyer puts their faith and trust in me to find them their dream home. I prove to them the value in working with a buyer’s Realtor® . From our  first meeting I strongly recommend them getting set up with a local lender and get prequalified, this way they know how much they can spend. It is unadvisable to look at $600,000 homes if you only qualify to by a $400,000 home in Altadore. The buyer will have stated their ideal location in Altadore to live (the closest to the Mardaloop the better they often say), number of baths and bedrooms, and price. From there going forward I do my due diligence using my knowledge, experience, contacts and research to prepare a list of homes for sale Altadore Calgary for the buyer to choose from that fit the criteria they set forth to me.

    Altadore Homes For Sale Success

    Now back to the buyer I met at my open house, they eventually called me back and I took them on as a client! Shortly after I found them a home for sale in Altadore that met their needs perfectly and now recommend me to their friends and family.

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