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  • iBusiness, the first QuickEdit template is now available! 13 May 2015

    In the preview post released a few weeks ago we teased a new solution for customizing and creating websites – QuickEdit. The new point & click interface can be used right here at In other words, you can begin creating your personalized website totally free. iBusiness is the first theme built with the QuickEdit technology in mind. It’s been designed with a broad appeal so it can be used by a wide variety of small businesses. Contact us if you have any questions or Visit the demo site Create your site at With QuickEdit you’ll be able to add content and customize the site without leaving or making any payments. The demo site even allows you to save progress and continue at a later time. Once you’re done with tinkering click on Export and purchase a license for iBusiness. After checkout we’ll provide a unique zip file containing your theme as well as an license key. Here are the steps for creating a site with QucikEdit… Visit the iBusiness demo site and start making changes. If you’re happy with the experience click on “Export” in the top right corner and proceed with purchasing a copy of iBusiness. Download your customized theme and copy the license key. These will be provided immediately after you complete the purchase process. Open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance ⇨ Themes ⇨ Add New ⇨ Upload. Load the zip file you download earlier and activate the theme once installation is completed. Insert your license key when prompted. Simple and intuitive interface QuickEdit allows you to customize both the content and appearance directly from the front-end. For instance, to change a headline on the homepage you just click into the title and start typing. Going to the back-end and locating the appropriate page or widget is no longer necessary. Changing colors or fonts is just as easy. The site is designed to update immediately after choosing a new color or font. This gives you instant feedback for everything you do. Use blocks for more variety iBusiness comes preloaded with over a dozen blocks. Blocks are unique elements designed to showcase different things about your company or product. These blocks can be used to display services, images (gallery), blog posts, pricing plans and more. You can move any block to any position on the page with simple drag and drop. Most blocks come... Read more »

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  • What is “Directory”? 30 April 2015

    Every now and then I see people struggling to comprehend what Directory really is. Most of them aren’t sure whether it’s a theme or plugin and… I don’t blame them. We might have gone a bit overboard by describing so many things with a single word. Good news is that after reading this you should be an expert in “Directory” terminology. :) The meaning depends on the context The word “Directory” can mean different things depending on how you use it. It can be the actual product you get for $99 It can be the theme or plugin component inside of that product It can be a whole platform which encompasses the Directory product, add-ons and child themes. 1. Directory product The Directory product you get for $99 contains 4 important elements: Tevolution plugin, Directory plugin, Location Manager plugin and Directory theme. The product was segmented into components to make it easier to maintain and update. For instance, if we want to improve something inside the multi-city functionality we only need to update the Location Manager plugin and not the other three components. This Directory product is often what we’re referring to when we say “Directory”. This is especially true in the context of sales and billing. 2. Directory theme or plugin Within the actual Directory product, the word “Directory” can describe 1 of 2 things: a plugin or a theme. To better understand this here’s a quick look at what each component actually does… Tevolution – contains most of the core functionality such as registration forms, custom fields and price packages. Directory (plugin) – contains the code that generates the “Listing” post type. Location Manager – contains the code necessary to enable the multi-city functionality. Directory (theme) – contains the actual design files, including the code for the mobile mode. 3. Directory platform Directory platform is the term we use to describe all products designed with the main Directory product in mind. These products are various add-ons and child themes. Each of them requires Directory to work and are useless on their own. Child themes are designed to significantly change the look of the site. Add-ons are designed to introduce new features. Directory video overview In the video below you can learn more about crucial Directory features. The video also contains a graphical representation of the structure explained above. Fast forward to the 2 minute mark of the video... Read more »

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  • Access Manager – Monetize by restricting some important details on your Directory 23 April 2015

    “Information can generate money” – This sentence suits Access Manager add-on 100%. Internet provides us lots of information and so does a Directory website. People can find and contact a business in minutes using a Directory site. Access Manager add-on enables an ability for you to provide/deny access of information on your Directory site and charge some money for that. Isn’t it interesting? The site owner as in the “Information Provider” can generate money by using Access Manager add-on. For example, people interested in knowing special offers,contact details of businesses will pay you extra to view “Special Offer/Contact Details” on your  Directory site. As a site owner, you can restrict these information by using Access Manager. Here is how it looks when site content is restricted: Find out how AccessManager can help in generating an extra revenue Charge site visitors by providing them multiple choice of price packages Set content visibility for a specific duration and number of posts Content can be restricted at post custom fields level Allow some number of free listings to view Create pricing table Charge users regularly on a pre-set billing period by using “Recurring Package” option Membership information (time left, etc) is displayed inside author pages Some more screenshots What are your thoughts on the new plugin? Is this what you hoped to see? Let us know in the comments… Contact us if you have any questions or Purchase Access Manager

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  • Important theme updates in light of the recent XSS vulnerability 23 April 2015

    In case you missed the news, a few days ago details surfaced about a new vulnerability present within many popular plugins and themes. The vulnerability was caused by the improper use of two functions: add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg(). Wrong information within the Codex caused many developers (including us) to assume that the functions would properly escape URLs (which they don’t). You can read more about this security issue in the following article. If you own any of these themes please update it as soon as possible! Of course, don’t forget to take the usual safety precautions before updating. Most importantly, backup your files and database. Here’s a list of plugins you can use to perform the backup. 5 Star Anchor Apex Automotive Cartsy Catalog City Guide Classifieds (Directory child theme) Cool Cart Cuisine Daily Deal Directory eBook Education Academy Emblem Eventum Explore GeoPlaces HomeQuest Hotel Booking iPhone App Job Board Landing Page Locations Luxury Nightlife OnePager Photocraft Publisher Real Estate Realtr Rejuvenate Responsive Restaurante ServiceBiz ShowStopper SmallBiz Specialist SpotFinder supreme (parent theme) TechNews Travel Vacation Rental Video YellowPages For the majority of these themes only one file had to be updated, templatic_login.php. So, if your site is heavily customized we recommend updating just this one file. If you own our Directory theme, please update the functions.php file as well. Here are the full paths to these files inside Directory: /wp-content/themes/Directory/library/templatic_login.php /wp-content/themes/Directory/library/functions/functions.php In most other themes the templatic_login.php file is located inside the theme root folder. This is also true for Directory child themes. Details on how to overwrite specific files are available inside our FTP tutorial. If your theme doesn’t have automatic updates please check out this article, it contains instructions on how to update manually.   As mentioned earlier, popular plugins were affected as well. Try to update any plugin for which you see an update notification within the next few days. Here’s a few popular plugins that were updated recently because of the discovered vulnerability Jetpack WordPress SEO Google Analytics All In one SEO Gravity Forms iThemes Exchange Ninja Forms Broken-Link-Checker If you’ll need help resolving this issue please submit a theme support query using the contact form.

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  • What’s coming up at Templatic? 21 April 2015

    Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to lately? In short… we’ve been busy. Our developers have been creating both products you’ve come to expect over the years (Directory add-ons) as well as some all-new stuff (more on that later). So, here’s what you can expect to see from Templatic in the next couple of weeks… Membership plugin for Directory At the moment the entire Directory theme is focused on 1 primary way of making money – charging for submissions. With this upcoming Directory plugin you’ll be able to make money by charging for access to the actual content. Once a visitor opens a page with restricted content they’ll be provided with an option to purchase a membership package which will then unlock the content. The plugin is designed to integrate with the existing custom fields functionality. If you enable the “Restricted” option inside a specific field values assigned to that field will only be available to those that purchased a membership package. Membership packages on the other hand are a variation of price packages. However, instead of integrating with the submission form they control what visitors see in the front-end. When is the plugin coming out? Sooner than you might be thinking :) Hosted point & click website builder This is the big one… With this project we wanted to make creating websites for small businesses as simple as possible. Instead of downloading a theme and adding content on your own site, you’ll do that here at Templatic and export changes into a WordPress theme. The project is called QuickEdit and it will be released with 4 unique templates, each dedicated to a different niche: MyRestaurant – for showcasing small restaurants and diners MyApp – for presenting iPhone apps SingleEvent – for providing details about an upcoming event iBusiness – a multi-purpose business/portfolio theme Compared to Directory which is extremely complex and robust, QuickEdit is simple and easy to use. Instead of editing widgets and pages from the back-end, everything is controlled from a point & click front-end interface. To edit text just click into a paragraph and start typing. To change the color just click on the color picker; the same goes for backgrounds and other elements. Each template comes with a variety of different blocks, all of which can be moved, modified or deleted from the canvas. As mentioned earlier, these QuickEdit templates will be hosted... Read more »

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  • Who is the best hosting provider for Directory? 24 March 2015

    The wealth of features you get with Directory definitely make it easier to create a comprehensive listing, event or property portal. However, they also come at a price. A complex theme such as Directory will be much more taxing on the server than a simple portfolio or business theme. This means that choosing a webhost isn’t as straightforward as with other/simpler themes. Fortunately I have two hosts to recommend that should make this quest a whole lot easier. Site5 – awesome hosting for the masses I first heard of Site5 after several of our members recommended them inside the forums. They were all extremely impressed not only with the way Directory was running, but also the amount of support they were able to provide about problems that weren’t necessarily theirs to resolve. If you’re a Templatic member and want to read those comments check out this forum thread. Visit for more details on their hosting packages and prices. Digital Ocean – for advanced users Unlike Site5 which gives you pretty much everything to get going (cPanel, phpMyAdmin, etc), Digital Ocean is the complete opposite. For $5 a month you’ll get 512MB or RAM, 20GB SSD and SSH access to your server. The rest is up to you to figure out. I created my droplet on Ubuntu (LAMP) and struggled a bit to get going because of my non-existent Linux experience. However, once you learn the basics you not only start appreciating the little things involved in server management, you also get awesome value for money. Compared to a shared server at that price range, my DO site flies! For example, here’s HomeQuest running on my test site. Visit for more details on their hosting options and prices. In conclusion, if you want quality hosting where you only have to worry about WordPress and the theme, go with Site5. If you want to be more involved into the whole deal go with Digital Ocean.

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  • Introducing the Eventum child theme, a spiritual successor to Nightlife 17 March 2015

    Eventum is our latest events portal theme. Despite being a new release, it borrows a lot of inspiration from our first ever Tevolution-powered theme, Nightlife. Even though the looks are similar these are two very different themes under the hood. Good news is that we’ll have a discount for all of you looking to migrate from Nightlife to Eventum, but more on that later. Powered by the Events add-on Events add-on comes included with every purchase of the Eventum package. It’s the component that contains all event-related functionality you’ll need for managing your events portal. These features include… Create and manage regular or recurring events Track event participants and display them in “Event attending” lists Display Facebook events inside user profiles Filter all archive pages by Current, Upcoming or Past events More than an events theme The best part about Eventum and the Events add-on is that they are a part of a much larger platform. By installing various Directory add-ons you can easily focus on entirely different niches such as real estate or classifieds. Other add-ons such as Fields Monetization or Reviews Manager allow you to quickly introduce new ways of making money with your events portal. What’s included inside the Eventum package? Purchasing the Eventum standard package ($149) will provide you with everything you need to create an event portal. This includes… Directory product (includes three plugins and one theme) Events add-on Eventum child theme Looking to migrate from Nightlife to Eventum? Are you an existing Nightlife owner interested in Eventum? Good news, until the end of March we’ll be providing a discount for all of you looking to migrate from Nightlife to Eventum. Since Eventum is a new theme and not an upgrade you get to keep your existing Nightlife theme after purchasing Eventum. How to get the discount? Connect to the member area. Open the product you want to purchase. Standard license ($109) | Developer license ($219) Click on “Secure Checkout” to initiate the purchase process. Important note: These products will not work if you don’t have an active Nightlife license inside your Templatic account. For technical help regarding the migration please open the Eventum guide. What happens to the Nightlife theme and its owners? With the release of Eventum we are stopping the sales of the current Nightlife theme. Existing owners will continue to receive support, but no new copies of the theme will be... Read more »

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  • Fill out a small survey and win a theme of your choice! 12 March 2015

    Since it’s been a while since we organized a survey we decided it’s time to see exactly what you guys think about various aspects of Templatic. The survey mostly consists out of multiple-choice questions so it shouldn’t take too long to complete. Most of you should be able to complete it in under 10 minutes. The survey is powered by SurveyMonkey: Rewards for 20 random survey participants As a way to say “thank you” for helping us with the survey we’ll be reward 20 of you with a product of your choice. You can choose between 50+ themes and 20+ plugins (standard license). These random winners will be announced once the survey closes. The survey ends on April 15th, 2015. Please don’t ask questions within the survey since the data will be analyzed only after the survey closes. Instead, just use the contact form. Here’s the survey link again:

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  • The time to start a property portal is now! Introducing HomeQuest 12 March 2015

    HomeQuest is our brand-new Directory child theme designed to utilize everything that the popular Real Estate add-on has to offer. The theme features heavily stylized detail and category pages, a unique homepage and so much more. HomeQuest will take your properties to a whole other level! A new take on property portals HomeQuest is by far the biggest departure from our “standard” property themes. The modern design is created to grab visitors attention and make them spend more time interacting with the site. Property detail pages received the biggest makeover when compared to the parent Directory theme. The image gallery has been blown up and stretched across the width of the page. It has both a stylistic and functional role since you can browse through the images. Property category pages have been tweaked to highlight property tags (statuses) which can also be used for filtering content. Since property portals are all about property images, they are also a big part of the category page. The grid view has been adjusted to display larger thumbnails allowing visitors to see more of the property they are interested in. The most powerful property directory theme The best part about HomeQuest and the Real Estate add-on is that they are a part of a much larger platform. This means you can easily expand to other niches in the future. Business directory, events directory, classifieds directory… it’s all possible with Directory add-ons. Actually, the ones I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. There are currently around 20 add-ons designed to improve your Directory-powered website. The HomeQuest child themes comes with support for the new mobile view mode first introduced with Directory 2. By focusing on displaying the most crucial data, mobile mode makes the theme much easier to use on smartphones. You can see the mobile mode in action by visiting the HomeQuest demo site with your phone. What’s included inside the HomeQuest package? Purchasing the HomeQuest standard package ($149) will give you everything you need to create a property portal. This includes… Directory product (includes three plugins and one theme) Real Estate add-on HomeQuest child theme We’ve been tinkering with HomeQuest ever since the Real Estate add-on was introduced. Hopefully you like what we’ve done with it. Check out the Live Demo, visit the contact form or Purchase HomeQuest

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  • Monetize your claim ownership form with the Paid Claims Directory add-on 3 March 2015

    Paid Claims is a Directory add-on that integrates with the claim ownership feature built-in to the theme. This feature allows visitors to claim listings on your site using a simple form. Up until today there was no way to monetize the claim ownership form, but with Paid Claims add-on you can make money by charging for ownership claims! Quick and easy way to set the claim price The Paid Claims add-on is very versatile when it comes to setting the claim price. You can set it for all listings by defining a default price or by editing individual listings. Quick edit and even bulk edits are also available! Integrates with your existing payment methods The add-ons has been designed to utilize all payment gateways installed on your site. Once the Paid Claims add-on is activated and a claim price is set, these gateways will start displaying inside the claim ownership form requiring visitors to pay a price you set in order to submit the claim. If you like monetization plugins such as Paid Claims be sure to check out add-ons such as Reviews Manager and Listing Statistics since they also introduce new ways to make money in Directory. Contact us to learn more or Purchase Paid Claims

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