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  • Creative Publishers rejoice. Meet DigiSeller digital downloads theme 22 September 2015

    Are you a digital products publisher? Maybe a creative crafts person having very nice products but didn’t know how to showcase them nicely in your very own website? Rejoice. Meet this brand new theme ‘Digiseller’ which makes creating an online store for selling digital products very easy. This powerful and responsive theme for WordPress is ideal for selling almost any digital product you can think of. This minimalist looking theme is designed for creative publishers. DigiSeller comes with our very own Digital Downloads plugin which lets you sell digital goods straight off your site. The new DigiSeller, digital downloads WordPress theme allows you to create unlimited product categories. This option lets you organize your online store the way you want. Selling anything from eBooks, images, paintings, CDs, DVDs or digital artwork is all possible with Digiseller. This responsive digital downloads theme is all you’ll ever need for creating your online store. Not only is DigiSeller powered by Digital Downloads, you can also use the WooCommerce plugin. Installing this free and very popular plugin will give you options to sell any type of products on your online store. Use this digital downloads theme to sell anything from eBooks, images, paintings to CDs, DVDs or artwork. DigiSeller theme features highlight… Modern homepage with a beautiful slider. Easily add/edit/delete products Create unlimited product categories and sub-categories. Easy to use color scheme customizer. Users can leave product reviews. Sell any type of digital products. Control your online store straight from the dashboard. Includes the popular PayPal payment gateway. Translate into any language. Now Available for Club members The DigiSeller responsive digital downloads theme is free for all Templatic Club members with an active subscription. Club members can download it from the member area dashboard and launch a powerful and profitable online store in very little time. Please press here if you would like to see this digital products theme in action. Other features include… The DigiSeller theme comes with its own built-in blog should you wish to start a blog too. As well as this, the theme lets you create regular pages so you can make any type of content available on your store. These pages can be anything from an ‘About us’ page to any promotional or informational content you wish to make available. The theme’s menu can be customized to link to all your content. The DigiSeller theme is compatible with the... Read more »

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  • Introducing the new Templatic member area 19 September 2015

    After months of tweaks and improvements we’re finally happy to announce that the member area has been updated, yay! With this latest update we’ve tried to streamline various aspects of the experience as well as add a cool new feature for Club members (more on that later). So, what’s new? More intuitive UI Unlike the previous member area that displayed a bunch of themes and then sub-groups such as “Directory Child Themes” or “Directory Extensions”, the new one has 3 clear tabs: Themes, Plugins and Free Downloads. Each product presents a single entry inside one of the 3 tabs. For example, if you purchased the SpotFinder child theme simply open the “Themes” tab and look for “SpotFinder”. All themes (even child themes) will be available as unique entries inside the “Themes” tab. Creating a unique section for each product allows us to provide all relevant resources for that product. For example, the “SpotFinder” section doesn’t just contain the SpotFinder child theme, but also Directory along with it’s own 4 components. You get everything you need to install SpotFinder in 1 place. That includes the Easy Install file which is now available for all Directory child themes. By clicking on the “Support” tab in member area you’ll be able to browse through your open Helpdesk tickets and reply to them. You can open a new ticket by clicking on the “Support Question” button. Please note that the area will only display Helpdesk tickets, it won’t display posts submitted in the forums. Better product management The new “Orders” tab will enable you to review and manage all of your purchased Templatic products. It will display the expiry date of each of your licenses and a matching Renew/Upgrade button. Here are just some of the tweaks we’ve made to renewals and upgrades… Renewals can now be completed even before the actual expiry date (up to 1 month before). Upgrades are now available even after the license expires. Upgrading will automatically renew the license for another year. Multiple renewal notification emails have been added to notify you about an upcoming license renewal. Manual (bank payment) purchases now display instructions on how to proceed with renewals. Free add-on every month for all Club members With this new member area we’re also rolling out a brand new option for our Club members, 1 free add-on every month. The member area will allow every Club member to... Read more »

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  • Introducing the new Mybook visual composer theme 16 September 2015

    It gives us great pleasure to announce the arrival of our new QuickEdit E-book visual composer theme. As with all of our other QuickEdit themes such as iBusiness, Charity and MyRestaurant, MyBook lets you edit it straight on our website. The theme’s drag & drop interface can be edited on as you populate it with your own content. Once you have entered your content and images, export the theme along with your content. Now, you have a theme which you can install on your site with all the content you’ve entered. The E-book theme has been designed to showcase books online and comes with a variety of powerful options. Contact us if you have any questions or Visit the demo site Create your E-book website at E-book is one of our QuickEdit themes which means you can add content and customize the site without leaving or paying for it first. The demo site even allows you to save changes and continue at a later time. Once you’re done with shaping your new website, click on Export and purchase your license for MyBook. After checkout you will receive a unique zip file containing your theme as well as the license key. Drag & Drop interface MyBook allows you to customize both the content and appearance directly from the front-end. For example, to change a headline on the homepage you just click on the title and start typing your own one. Changing colors or fonts is also made very easy where you select colors and fonts from the panel. The theme has been designed to update the changes as you edit the style. This live preview on changes lets you know exactly how your website will look. Free for Club members The new MyBook theme is free for all Club members with an active subscription. If you’re a Club member, please feel free to visit the MyBook demo and start creating your site right now. When prompted for validation simply enter your Club license key. You can also download the theme from member area, install it on your website and edit it directly on your website. Responsive design As well as all of our QuickEdit themes, MyBook comes with responsive deign. Your visitors will be able to view your site and it will look good no matter which device. The E-book theme is ideal for… Book writers or publishers... Read more »

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  • Splendor, the stylish hotel directory theme 9 September 2015

    We are proud to be releasing another one of our Directory child themes which aim to give you endless possibilities. Benefiting from its parent Directory theme, Splendor comes with all the powerful built-in features as well as some of its own extra ones such as the homepage power search. Creating a hotels directory is as simple as installing Splendor, entering your payment gateway details and you’re set to go. Meet Splendor, the Hotels directory theme which comes packed with loads of powerful features. The stylish Splendor is ideal if you’ve ever wanted to create your very own directory for hotels. The theme comes with many adaptable options which let you basically shape your directory the way you want. Building a hotels directory with WordPress has never been easier than now. The Splendor theme is not only suitable for hotels but it can also be used as a theme for motels, bed and breakfasts, rental cottages or any type of holiday accommodation directories.

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  • Villa Rental Theme – Easiest way to showcase & monetize your extra property 18 August 2015

    Vacation Rental theme, a WordPress theme with unique concept of helping you easily showcase and monetize your property was introduced first time ever by templatic before over a year and it became an instant success. To this date, it continues to grow as people love this unique theme with balanced features of both design and functionality built in. Today, we are releasing another theme with the same concept but a different, fresh design. Our newest responsive, stylish and powerful Villa Rental theme has arrived! We have focused on giving this theme a modern new stylish look without taking anything away from the powerful booking system which powers our booking themes. The new Villa Rental theme comes ready with its booking form, availability calendar and it’s all set for you to take online bookings in no time. Villa Rental theme lets you make money renting out your property. Easily rent out your room, house or apartments online or from a mobile phone or tablet. No matter in which country a villa is located, the new Villa Rental theme can do it. Not only this, you can also change the Villa Rental theme’s default currency to suite your requirements. You can try the booking form’s country list here if you like.   Extra services can be sold with your rooms to increase revenue, such as city tours, airport transfers and restaurant reservations.   Publish your Property Information With Villa Rental Booking Theme, you can publish information about your property such as: – Detailed location information – Location at Google Maps – Distances to important places (historical places, landmarks, sports facilities, airports etc.) – Pictures – Facilities and services – Property ambiance, surroundings and attractions – Contact information – Property rules and policies – Room descriptions – Room Pictures – Bed types – Views from the room – Room composition – Phone / TV / communication – Domestic appliances – Air conditioning – Amenities As with any villa online booking theme, you’ll need a method of collecting the money for reservations. This is no problem, Villa Rental comes with the PayPal payment gateway integrated. You’ll just need an account with PayPal and you’re set to go. The theme also comes with a Pre Bank Transfer payment option and you can purchase any of our additional payment gateways from the huge list here with the theme if you like. The Villa Rental theme comes... Read more »

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  • “Submit Video” Page Has Just Been Added to The Video Theme! 30 July 2015

    Earlier today we released an important update for the Video theme. For the first time you’ll be able to set up a front-end video submission form which members can use to add videos to your site. To access this page after installing the update simply click on the new “Add Video” button in the top right corner of the site. Multiple Submission Options The video submission form will allow your members to add videos in three different ways By pasting the video URL By providing the video embed code By uploading the actual video file Apart from that they’ll also be able to add the video title, description, excerpt and thumbnail. With that said we didn’t forget about you, the admin. Visit the newly added Appearance ⇨ Theme Settings section to decide what happens with submitted video posts. Should they be published immediately or held for moderation? Font-end Register Form and User Dashboard Visitors will now be able to sign up either through a dedicated front-end register form or while submitting their video (inside the Submit Video form). The user dashboard will allow your members to edit or delete the videos they previously submitted. They’ll be able to access it by clicking on their username next to the “Add Video” button in the top right corner of the site. Apart from managing the videos, members will also be able to update their website profile. The “Edit Profile” page will allow them to enter their website URL and a short bio. Allow Visitors to Download Uploaded Videos While submitting a video post which contains an actual video file (not an YouTube embed) both you and your members will be able to mark the video as “downloadable”. Doing this will enable a small “Download” next to the video on your site which will allow any visitor to download the video source file. Available Right Now Inside Member Area The Video theme updates is available right for free to all Video owners and Club members with an active license. Download it immediately from the member area. To read more about the changes implemented in the new version (v1.1) open the change log. The video submission form has been by far the most requested feature for this theme. I hope you guys like the way it was implemented. View Live Demo, ask us a question or Purchase Video

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  • Listings directory theme, the best Directory child theme yet 21 July 2015

    Today is the day when you will get to see release of one of the best directory child we’ve released so far. Ever since its release in October 2013, Directory theme has been the best directory solution available for WordPress. With our primary focus and continuous development on it, over the last 20 months we released multiple add-ons and child themes, and today we’re releasing possibly the most important one yet – Listings Directory Child theme. Unlike child theme that cater to a specific niche such as YellowPages or Cuisine, Listings is a child theme that can be used for any kind of directory. Showcase shops, companies, tourist places, offers, events, properties, classifieds or restaurants… they will all look awesome. Strategically Structured Page Designs You Like The Most We’ve had the opportunity to experiment a lot with different child theme designs over the last 2 years. This freedom allowed us to not only release unique child themes, but also see what works for your business and what you like the most. Listings Directory theme was created with your favorite page designs in mind. For instance, we noticed most directory owners prefer the tabbed detail page design so we make sure tabs are included inside the Business Listing detail page. All the pages are structured to help you create listing directory for any purpose and yet, it will look awesome no matter for which niche it is. Quick Video Introduction Here’s quick video introduction to this theme. Take a look. Upload a nice attractive banner for a business listing With this theme, Business listing detail page is structured in a way that it can show a featured image as full width background banner. And the theme would look great with or without the uploaded image. Take a look at it Listing with featured image and Listing without featured image. This theme will allow both you and your listing authors to customize the (by default) blue background behind the listing title and basic information inside the listing detail page. The image assigned to that area is set to scale-to-fit so you don’t have to worry about image sizes too much. Manage Bookings With Directory This particular child theme has fresh looks and vibrant colors so it is very much suitable for travel and hotel industry as well. A few days ago the Directory theme has been updated with support for the Booking... Read more »

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  • Manage vacation rental bookings with Directory theme 21 July 2015

    A few days ago we released an important update for the Directory theme. The update makes it possible to use Directory alongside the Booking plugin. With the Booking plugin you’ll be able manage bookings for rooms and houses added to the site. In this blog post I’ll try to explain how to get started with the Booking plugin and how it can be useful for your directory. How Can The Booking Plugin Be Useful? This plugin will be useful if your directory contains vacation homes or other establishments available for rent. Instead of just forwarding visitors to or similar website you’ll be able to process the booking yourself and earn a commission. One thing worth noting is that listing owners won’t be able to setup booking themselves, it will have to be done by you. I’ll explain the easiest way to do this later in the post. Installing The Plugin Assuming you don’t already own the plugin, purchase it from here. Skip this step if you’re a Club member, Booking plugin is included inside the Club membership. Open the member area and download the plugin. Connect to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins ⇨ Add New ⇨ Upload Plugin. Click on “Browse…”, select the zip file downloaded a moment ago and hit “Upload Now”. Activate the plugin once it’s finished uploading. Navigate to the wp-admin ⇨ Booking System area (if it doesn’t open immediately after activation). Click on the sample data button at the top of the page to add a few sample houses and rooms to your site. Open the Booking guide for details on how to use the plugins various features. Add A House After installing the plugin proceed to House ⇨ Add a House and add your first rental. Here’s a list of fields/options you must fill while adding a house… Total Guests – set the total number of guests that can book a room (for a single booking) Charge Tax – should tax be automatically applied for this rental? Go to Booking System ⇨ General Settings (tab) to set the tax amount and type. Minimum Stay – enter the number of days necessary to complete the booking Price Settings – enter the price for each number of person and time-frame (day, week, month). Category, title, images and description – every post in WordPress needs a category, name and some content. Your house is no... Read more »

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  • Create a stunning restaurant website with a simple visual composer 7 July 2015

    MyRestaurant is another Templatic theme designed around the powerful front-end visual composer or as we call it, QuickEdit. As you probably guessed by reading the theme name, MyRestaurant is designed for restaurant and diner owners looking to showcase their daily specials, unique offers and more. A few words about QuickEdit… The visual composer available inside MyRestaurant will make editing the homepage significantly easier and faster compared to dealing with WordPress pages or widgets. Everything you do inside the front-end editor is instantly applied to the site giving you immediate feedback for every change. The visual composer can be used to modify virtually every homepage element, even the footer credits! Impress your visitors with unique layouts Each content element inside the MyRestaurant theme is called a “block”. These blocks come in various shapes and sizes. There are multiple call-to-action blocks, a pricing table, services list, testimonials and lots more. New blocks can be inserted by clicking on the “Blocks” dropdown and dragging them onto the page in the location of your choice. To remove an existing block just hover over it and click on the “Delete” button. Works on any device your visitors decide to use While adding new content and making various changes you won’t have to worry about making the site responsive. This is because of responsive content blocks. They allow the whole site to remain mobile-friendly no matter how you customize and order the blocks. PS: Today is a big day for us… along with this restaurant theme we’re releasing another QuickEdit theme for mobile app creators. Click here to read more about MyApp. Contact us with your questions, take a test drive or Purchase MyRestaurant

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  • Need a quick and pretty website for your new iOS/Android app? Say hello to MyApp theme 7 July 2015

    MyApp is QuickEdit theme designed to make advertising your Android or iOS app as simple as possible. Like all QuickEdit themes, MyApp allows you to tweak everything from the front-end using an advanced visual composer. Customizing colors and fonts Use the “Color Customizer” and “Typography” dropdowns to quickly change the color scheme or font of the site. Both of these changes are applied instantly so you can quickly see what works and what doesn’t. If you’re unsure which colors go well together try checking out sites such as Paletton or Adobe Color. WooCommerce compatibility When installed, WooCommerce will allow you to transform MyApp into a full blown online store. The plugin can handle stuff like shipping, taxes and stock. By installing various extensions the functionality can be extended even further. Along with WooCommerce all QuickEdit themes are also compatible with these plugins… WPML WordPress SEO by Yoast Gravity Forms Totally responsive While adding new content and making various changes you won’t have to worry about making the site responsive. This is because of responsive content blocks. They allow the whole site to remain mobile-friendly no matter how you customize and order the blocks. Even though it feels like we released iBusiness just a few days ago, MyApp is now the fifth QuickEdit theme! What are your thoughts on these themes; do you have ideas for the future? Let us know in the comments. Contact us with your questions, take a test drive or Purchase MyApp

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