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  • Listing Statistics and Proximity Search add-ons released! 24 July 2014

    After the free User Filters for MailPoet plugin published earlier today we are continuing with add-on releases. In this blog post we’ll be talking about the all-new Proximity Search and Listing Statistics plugins. Provide statistics to listing owners With the Listing Statistics add-on you’ll be able to provide statistics information inside the user dashboard to every listing author. The functionality is actually tied to price packages meaning you can charge extra for access to these statistics. The stats include: Visits (to the listing) from the homepage Visits from category pages Number of times “Send Inquiry” form was used Number of times “Sent to Friend” form was used Number of times the listing was favorited Overall number of visits to the listing Purchase the Listing Statistics add-on Use Proximity Search add-on for accurate zip code searching Proximity Search will change the way visitors search for zip codes. Once a search is made the add-on will make search results also show the distance between the zipcode and the listing. Once installed, the plugin will enable a new custom field on your site – Zip Code. To enable zip code searches you just have to include that custom field inside the advanced search widget or page. If you don’t feel the need to introduce a new custom field to enable zip code search, you can also rely on the current “Where” field inside the header search widget. That field will pull zip codes from the “Address” field. Purchase the Proximity Search add-on That’s it when add-ons are concerned for this week. We’ve been keeping busy so you can expect to see some cool new stuff next week as well :)

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  • Send mass emails to members using a free extension for MailPoet Newsletters 24 July 2014

    The WYSIWYG Submission add-on released a few days ago silently kicked off the “add-on release week”. To prove we mean business, expect to see 3 new add-ons released today! In this blog post we’ll be introducing the new User Filters for MailPoet add-on and an update to the Ad Manager. User Filters for MailPoet: Send newsletters to your users User Filters is a free add-on that integrates with the popular MailPoet Newsletters plugin. It will introduce a number of different parameters while creating a new email in MailPoet. These parameters will make it possible to email a specific user base. These include: All users All users with an active price package All users with an expired price package Users with a specific price package (either active, expired or pending) Users with a package within a specific date range (either active, expired or pending) Users with a package within a specific city (either active, expired or pending) Another cool thing about this add-on is that it will display exactly how many results match your condition as soon as you choose an option inside the dropdown. In other words, you’ll be able to see exactly how many people will get the newsletter even before you commit to sending it. User Filters for MailPoet add-on can be downloaded for free! Get it here. Ad Manager can now display banners based on cities With version 1.0.2 of the Ad Manager plugin you’ll be able to control in which cities your banners are supposed to show. Not only that, with this version you will also have information about how many times each of your ads was clicked on.

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  • Reinventing the way listings are submitted with WYSIWYG Submission 22 July 2014

    Last week we released the Real Estate Directory theme. In the comments for the release blog post one of you guys asked us when are we planning to do something truly innovative. Well… ta-da :) Few years back when “magazine themes” was the only different thing happening to WordPress blogging software, we came up with frontend submission in our Real Estate theme and invented a whole new way of using WordPress in 2010. It has become very popular now, replicated by many and listing themes have truly evolved. However, front-end submission can still be a complex process for the end user. The long, endless form, setting the map, uploading images that you only have to imagine how they will actually look on your listing. Form gets even longer if you add new custom fields, content validation – yes you get the idea. It is complex for the end user and we all wish there was a better, easier way to do this. Ladies and gentleman, we are revolutionizing the way listing submission yet again in 2014. Introducing WYSIWYG Submission add-on which lets you edit listings right there on the detail page. What you see is what you get! And no, it doesn’t require any forms!   Here’s how it works Select price package & categories in which the submission will appear. A sample listing is added and is ready for user to click & edit. He is shown the exact way his listing would appear once published. User can click on any part of the listing and replace content, images, maps, video etc with his own, right on the screen. User Pay and publish listing While adding a listing, rest of the page sections such as sidebar and list footer is disabled so user can focus on listing without getting confused with non editable parts. Experience this revolutionary submission process yourself on the demo site. While front end editing idea is not new (Barley and WP Front Editor already allows text editing) we believe this add-on takes front editing to whole new level by replacing the long tedious form and places the power in site visitor’s hand. We hope this new way of listing submission will take the pain and confusion away from your site visitors, make listing submission easier and will result into better monetization of your listing directory. Head over to WYSIWYG Submission sales page to know more... Read more »

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  • The future of real estate portals is here. Meet Real Estate Directory! 14 July 2014

    Today I’m proud to announce our biggest theme of the year, Real Estate Directory. As you’ve probably guessed just by reading the name, this theme is based on our Directory platform, i.e. the system behind the popular Directory theme. Since we’ve been talking about Directory for quite some time now I’ll just brush up on the most important features and for the most part talk about the differences between these two themes. For more details on pure features, be sure to visit the All Features page. All the Directory features you know and love Since RE Directory is based on the same code as Directory, they share most of the functionality. As of this moment the only feature that Directory has, but RE Directory doesn’t is WooCommerce compatibility. In terms of stuff unique to RE Directory, I’ll outline them later in this post. First, a quick look at the most important features available in both themes… Front-end submission In RE Directory, visitors will have the opportunity to become content authors, just by registering and submitting a property. Along with that, they’ll have access to a front-end user dashboard from where they can manage their profile and all submitted content. Versatile custom fields Custom fields are the backbone of your real estate website. With custom fields you basically decide what type of information content authors submit using the submission form. As a matter of fact, the submission form is nothing more than a bunch of custom fields grouped together. Monetize with price packages Charge for those front-end submissions by creating payment plans, i.e. price packages. Packages come in two types: single submission and subscription. Set unique price for each category, choose the alive days and even set featured prices. Recurring payments are also available! Manage cities Add multiple cities within your RE Directory theme in order to better organize your real estate portal. Cities are essentially additional filters since properties from one city won’t show in another. Website visitors can navigate between cities by using the header city selector. Big focus on content discovery (search & filters) Most visitors of real estate portals know roughly what they want. If you need a small 1 bedroom condo, you’re not going to browse through the whole “Apartments” category hoping to get lucky; you’ll use search. With that in mind, we’ve made searching the primary focus of the whole homepage and made sure you... Read more »

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  • Directory update 1.1.7 is available in the member area 10 July 2014

    When compared to the last few updates, version 1.1.7 is probably one of the bigger ones. Even though most of the changes are fairly small, there are a few significant improvements; including one that was requested by many inside the forums. To get this version either download it manually from member area or connect to your WordPress dashboard and pull it automatically. Setup a free trial period with recurring packages With this latest version we’ve implemented an option that allows you to set the first period (of a recurring package) as free. A number of you requested this inside our forums, we tried tinkering with it and decided it’s a good addition to the theme. To enable this option all you’ll have to do is mark a checkbox while creating/editing your recurring price package. Custom fields improvements In version 1.1.7 you’ll have the ability to make a field appear differently on submit pages and search pages. For example, on the submission page the field can be displayed as a simple text box, however on the search page you can make it display as a select button or a min-max range. These options are set while creating the field, inside the “Show on search as” area. Available options include: Text, Date Picker, Multi Checkbox, Radio, Select, Min-Max Range (text), Min-Max Range (select) and Range Slider. That Range slider mentioned earlier is also a new field type inside the theme. On the submission form users will enter the value inside a simple text field, however whichever value they enter will need to be between the min and max values you set while creating the listing. The Range field type can be displayed as a slider on the search form. New emails added to the back-end The Tevolution ⇨ Email Settings have been updated with the ability to edit the notification text for 9 new emails. These include: Contact us form notification email Post upgrade notification email (for both user and admin) Password reset email Claim Ownership email Listing expiration email Payment cancellation email Update listing notification email Renew listing notification email Other changes Order custom fields (with drag n’ drop) independently for the submission and advanced search form. New validations while creating post types Set zoom level and display type for category page map (while creating the city) New social sharing icons for detail pages Post type description now shows below the... Read more »

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  • Introducing the Locations directory theme; a unique take on Directory 17 June 2014

    After all those add-ons released last week it’s time to spice things up with a fancy new (child) theme. That theme is Locations, a new and colorful take on the well-established Directory design. Lots of design tweaks Locations is the first Directory child theme with a new approach to the header city selector. The button for expanding the cities section was usually located at the very top (left) of the site. Now the selector is available next to the logo. Also, the header search fields are hidden for the first time. To show them visitors will need to click on the big search button on the right side. Big changes have also come to the listing detail page. The map for instance isn’t placed within a container and will automatically expand towards the right margin on devices with large screen sizes. Unlike the parent Directory theme, the page structure doesn’t feature tabs. Instead, usually tabbed elements are divided with h2 headings (e.g. Description, Special Offer, Video, etc). Full integration with Directory add-ons Recently released add-ons such as List Filter, Category Icons and Header Fields will all work beautifully with the Locations child theme. One exception is the Tabs Manager add-on considering Locations detail page doesn’t utilize tabs. Despite the theme name suggesting otherwise, the Events add-on will also work perfectly. For a full list of all available add-on open the this page. More free map icons For the Locations demo we didn’t use our original icon set (available for download here), we instead used an icon set more in line with the rest of the theme. There are around 60 icons inside the set, if you’re interested in downloading them just click here. View Live Demo, take a Test Drive or Purchase Locations

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  • Use the Tabs Manager add-on for Directory to add new tabs on your detail pages 13 June 2014

    Our add-on heavy week is coming to an end with Tabs Manager, a nice little plugin that will allow you to showcase custom fields as tabs on the listing detail page. Controlling which fields show as tabs is done with a new option added to the create/edit a custom field form. Even though any field type can be set to show as a tab, those that work best are Text Editor and Text Area. One thing worth noting is that the custom fields Tabs Manager plugin won’t work with Directory child themes that have tabless layouts (for example: City Guide). Child themes like Cuisine will work just as well as the parent Directory theme. Order tabs with drag and drop If you have multiple custom fields showing up as tabs inside the detail page, you can control their left-to-right order by drag and drop within the Tevolution ⇨ Custom Fields Setup section. Drag those that should be shown more to the left above those that should be shown more to the right side. Quick add-on recap During the last 10 or so days we’ve released 4 other add-ons for Directory. Here’s a quick list of those add-ons: List Filter – add an AJAX filter widget to search and category pages. Use your own custom fields as filters for the widget. Global Location – introduce a “Global City” to your site on which city filtering is turned off and all listings from the site can be easily found. Category Icons – assign fontawesome icons to your categories or upload a custom image. The icon is shown in all widgets designed to show categories. Header Fields – populate the area below the listing title with custom fields. Use drag and drop to change their order. What’s your opinion on the add-ons released during this time? Is this what you wanted to see from us? Let us know in the comments! View Details or Purchase Tabs Manager add-on

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  • Add additional info at the top of your listing detail page with Header Fields add-on 12 June 2014

    With Header Fields add-on for Directory we are continuing our biggest add-on release week yet! This simple plugin will allow you to add custom fields to the (usually fixed) area below the title on listing detail pages. Along with Email and Phone, you will now be able to show an unlimited number of your own fields. Full control over the header section Once this add-on is installed, a new option will appear inside the “Show this field in” section of the custom fields form. Controlling which custom fields appear inside the header area is as simple as checking the appropriate option while creating the field. Even cooler is the fact you can order custom fields (when in the Custom Fields Setup section) with drag and drop. The order you set there will affect both the header fields area and the submission form. Works with all child themes! The add-on is designed to automatically adapt to the design of the child theme you’re using. Header Fields is the third Directory add-on we released this week! The fourth one (Tabs Manager) is coming tomorrow. View Details or Purchase Header Fields add-on

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  • Show categories alongside fancy icons in category lists 11 June 2014

    Since day one Directory allowed you to assign custom map markers to categories. However, those markers only worked on the map; other sections of the theme showed just the category name. Well, you can now finally change that with Category Icons. After installing the plugin a new field will pop up within the Listings ⇨ Listing Categories section allowing you to assign an icon while creating the category. Once assigned, the custom icon will appear in all sections where list of categories is displayed. Powered by Font Awesome Font Awesome is an extensive icon set available in thousands of web applications, including several Templatic themes. With Font Awesome you can quickly display any one of the 400+ icons and it will be automatically resized to fit whichever location it needs to be display in. This is also important inside Category Icons add-on as icons need to appear larger in certain locations (e.g. All Categories List widget). Font Awesome icons are extremely easy to use. Code example: <i class=”fa fa-car”></i> Alternative icon upload If you’re not a big fan on Font Awesome icons, you can always upload and assign an image of your own. The recommend image size is 30 x 20 pixels. One disadvantage these custom images have compared to Font Awesome is the fact they don’t resize. The image you upload will look the same in all areas designed to show it. Because of this and because Font Awesome icons are easier to use, we recommend using them as your go-to icon source. Even though this Category Icons add-on is the second one we’re releasing this week (after Global Location), we’re just on the half way mark. Expect to see two more Directory add-ons this week! View Details or Purchase Category Icons add-on

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  • Showcase listings from all the cities together on your Directory website using the Global Location add-on 10 June 2014

    The ability to switch between cities is one of the most important Directory features; there’s also “single city” mode for those that don’t need multiple city functionality. However, what about those cases where you need multiple cities, but still require a place where listings from all your cities are displayed? That’s where Global Location comes in. By turning on the Global Location option you will enable a “city” in which all website’s listings are shown. Cool thing about this global location is that in some ways it still behaves as a normal city. Using the Manage Locations back-end area, you’ll be able to set a city description for this global location and even assign it as the default city. Particularly useful in directories for just 1 country or state In Directory v1.1.4 we added the ability to switch between the default “All Countries” mode to either “One Country” and “Only Cities”. This Global Location add-on plays into those changes as it allows you to quickly setup a place on the site where visitors can see all listings from a particular country and/or state. Let’s imagine your directory is only focused on the United States so you naturally have “One Country” selected for location management. What you do next is simply rename the “Global City” option to “All of United States”. By doing the “All of United States” option your visitors can quickly access everything that’s available inside the directory. This Global Location add-on is just a start of our add-on release week. Starting today and ending on Friday we’ll release a total of 4 Directory add-ons! The second on the list (Category Icons) is releasing in just a few hours. View Details or Purchase Global Location add-on

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