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  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal for WordPress Themes & Plugins 26 November 2015

    If you’ve been waiting to buy that certain WordPress themes or plugins at templatic, now is the time to grab your favorite products. Here’s a Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buy 1, Get 1 FREE offer. During the offer you’ll be able to grab a free product (theme or plugin) for every purchase you make at The offer ends this week. How to get this deal? Just click on “Add to cart” for the product you want and open the cart. A special dropdown menu will appear inside the cart allowing you to specify which bonus product you want. You’re allowed to combine themes and plugins. In other words, if you’re checking out with Directory, feel free to choose any of the available add-ons as the bonus product. Keep in mind that the extra product can’t be more expensive than the primary. Free add-on for new Club members If you sign up for Club membership during the offer we’ll let you to pick a free Directory add-on of your choice. The offer is also valid if you decide to upgrade your current membership to Club. However, in that case you’ll need to contact us (Billing department) and say which bonus add-on you want. Go ahead. Grab this opportunity and get the products from our WordPress Themes Store which you’ve been thinking to buy since a while. If you have any questions about the offer use the comments below or open the contact form and submit a query inside the Pre-sales department.

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  • Now add Deals on your directory site with this latest plugin 24 November 2015

    It’s a holiday season and who doesn’t like new offers.   While everyone is announcing various deals you should not sit back. To Boost your sales on this Black Friday we are introducing Deals Plugin. This is to help you post various deals and offers on your directory site. Do you need to add coupon deals on Directory or any of its child themes? If the answer to this is ‘Yes’, we’ve got news for you. We are very excited to be announcing the long-awaited Deals plugin which will let you do just that. This powerful WordPress deals plugin has been designed to let your users submit deals on your site on free or paid packages. Simply install this plugin and you’re set to go. Integrate coupon deals on your Directory powered site with this powerful plugin. Deals by location and advanced search The Deals plugin allows you to build a powerful deals directory with many advanced options. Allowing your users to easily find discount coupons near them is made simple. This add-on works with Directory’s location manager and its user location detection system. Your visitors can also use advanced search to refine their search. Finding a deal on your site is made super easy. Your users will love your site and keep coming back every time. Transaction reports This powerful Deals plugin allows you as admin to keep track of all the sold deals on your site. Find out the details of every purchased deal straight from your dashboard. People who buy deals also get details on their purchased deals in the user dashboard . Each user simply needs to login to their account and detailed information is accessible about each of the user’s purchased deal. Deals plugin feature highlight Deal start and end date and time Deal submission on free or paid packages Single or subscription submission packages Custom link, digital product, email coupon or printable deals Affiliate link deals Dynamic day, hour, minutes and seconds countdown timer Show regular and reduced price Maximum and minimum number of purchases Customizable fields on submission form Separate deal categories, packages Deals advanced and simple search Sell deals directly from your directory website Create the best coupon deals directory This WordPress Deals plugin has been designed to seamlessly integrate with any Directory powered website. This add-on will also work with all of the Directory child themes so what are you waiting for?... Read more »

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  • Customer Story : We Love Koh Chang – Travel 23 November 2015

    Today we spoke with Darren who is a designer, SEO professional & a blogger. He shared his story about a dream project that he wanted to create for sometime now of Travel directory.  We asked him a few questions about his experience of creating a directory site using Templatic Travel Directory.  He shared with some interesting insights about the project.  Let’s take  a look. The Challenge 1. Tell Us More About Yourself & The Site Answer: My name is Darren Hurley I am a Web Designer, SEO, Travel Blogger and owner of We Love Koh Chang is a comprehensive travel guide about the island of Koh Chang, located on the eastern side of Thailand. 2. What was contributing to the difficulty? Answer: I required the website to be directory based and required to have Google Maps and Directions integration for each listing, a user friendly interface which would give the ability for the user to sign up by themselves and upload their own content, with easy upgrade options. I also required Paypal payment system as a part of the sign up process. Easy addition of Agoda Partner Hotel Booking affiliate links were also required to be integrated into the listings. We wanted the new site to be mobile and desktop responsive, well coded and SEO friendly. 3. Why did you go with Travel Directory Theme? Answer:  After reviewing the Travel Directory Theme Demo, I immediately liked it. We wanted to work on the WordPress platform so this was perfect. It provided most of the aspects I was looking for in terms of functionality for my new site. Layout and functionality for the new website was especially important, with the rise of mobile and tablet use online the website we wanted the site to be SEO ready and responsive to all devices. The layout for the site was another important feature, we wanted the site to be clean and contemporary with easy-to-read layouts and typography, again the Templatic Travel Theme was exactly what we were looking for. I especially liked functionality such as Google Maps and Direction Maps into the home page, listing archives and listing pages. The Tevolution Directory plugin easily allowed us to offer directory listings, monetize and take easy PayPal payments. The plugin also gave us the functionality for businesses to upload their own content, make payment and add a listing to the directory themselves. The Solution... Read more »

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  • Directory Business listings will go back to published automatically when subscriptions are renewed. 19 November 2015

    It just happened today when one of our customers asked me in Helpdesk about this feature. I felt it is a life savior feature and probably every directory owner should know it. Hence thought to sharing it on a blog post. In Directory when you have 100-300 listings it’s difficult to manage monthly subscription for all of them. Let’s say a dealer has 30 listings, once his package lapses, the listings will go to draft, and the moment the package is activated, all those listings goes live again.  If 45 listings lapsed this month, directory backend will automatically move them to “draft (unpublished) and once the renewal is done, automatically it will move to “published” state. This will save you from enormous manual work. To achieve this in the backend, you go to Tevolution >> Settings >> Submission Page >> Default Status for paid submissions. The reason behind this is that some dealers will have up to, and even more than 300 listings. To expect from them to sit there every month and manually renew each listing is madness and not practical. If you didn’t know about this feature then try it today.  Do let me know if any suggestions or queries in the comment section.

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  • Customer Story : San Juan Del Sur – Real Estate 9 November 2015

    San Juan Del Sur is result of hard-work and faith of Claudia and her team. They created a real estate directory site for Nicaragua properties using SpotFinder Directory theme. Claudia has shared her story of setting up this business with us that we’d like to share with you all. The Challenge: Connecting Buyers with Sellers A buyer looking for property in Nicaragua presses the big orange “Contact Seller” button on a property listing page and fills out the form. Whoosh… The Seller receives an email. A successful connection is made. The negotiations begin. That, right there, is what our site is all about. But a successful connection between a buyer looking for property and an owner with property to sell doesn’t happen automatically. It’s not enough to simply launch a real estate listing site and call it a day. This is especially true if you’re covering a real estate market that’s small, unfamiliar to most buyers and not centrally managed. We knew at the outset, months before launching the site, that to enable successful connections in the Nicaragua real estate market we would need to do more than simply put up a listing site. We would need to provide buyers with as much information about the local lifestyle in Nicaragua as possible. We would need to provide sellers with an easy to use, well-designed listing platform to showcase their property. And we would need to provide both sellers and buyers witheducational materials on how the local real estate market works in Nicaragua – including the legal aspects of buying and selling property, closing costs and the registration process.” The Solution: Good Design Matched with Good Content Good design is not just how a website looks; it’s how it works. We chose Spotfinder powered by Directory (with the Real Estate Add-on) because a meaningful website design works to engage buyers and the listing backend is easy for sellers to use. Here are some of the reasons why we went with the Spotfinder, powered by the Templatic Directory listing software Homepage Search is ideal for real estate sites Spotfinder’s home page allows for a search box in the middle of the screen, overlaying a compelling photo. This is always a good layout for a real estate site – one that immediately draws the buyer closer. Category Page is great attraction for visitors A good amount of our traffic comes to the site... Read more »

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  • Who is your Customer? How do you Recognize It? 9 November 2015

    This is hard to write about, and hard for business owners to accept. It seems so negative. Still, it seems like we all need a fresh reminder. Famous American stand-up comedian, actor, and author Bill Cosby said it well: “I don’t know the secret to success, but I do know that the secret to failure is trying to please everybody.” We need to know both who is our customer and who isn’t before positioning our marketing efforts.  Marketing is vague and scary activity but that is only until we don’t have clarity on whom to market! Once you exactly know who is your customer on paper (yes, I said on paper – you gotta grab a pen and a paper) your marketing efforts becomes a fun activity & 1000% effective. By end of this blog you will have immense clarity in order to market your business. In this blog, I will help you walk you through define your target audience. You need customers. The first thing you need to start a business, maybe even the only thing you really need, is customers. It all starts with at least one customer. Who is your target customer. When asked who is your customer, the usual answer is often that they serve many customers. This includes internal and external customers, distributors, buyers, influencers, employees, and so on. Calling them all “customers” is common and even acceptable. But it perpetuates a myth that misleads. They are not all customers in the true sense of the word. Companies are making a mistake when they give all these constituents an equal or greater priority than they give their primary customer. This leads to focusing time and energy in the wrong places, inhibiting a company’s ability to create value and grow. When deciding who is the customer, the focus should always be on the people using the product. In detail. Not just generalities but who is this person, what drives her, what does she really want from you, what does she like to read, eat, watch? Where does he live, and with whom? What does he drive? 3. Who isn’t your customer. Sometimes the secret to success is who isn’t your customer. Let’s take an example of Facebook.  How does Facebook earns? It’s a myth to some people. Facebook recently announced they crossed a billion users.  But these users are truly Facebook’s customers? yes? No, there is no shame. There was a time I also believed... Read more »

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  • What is Customer Persona? 9 November 2015

    Creating a customer persona The process of creating either a customer profile or customer persona will help you to clearly define your customer’s needs by understanding their buying patterns (what, how and where they buy) and more importantly, their motivations for buying. Your customers should be the driver behind every marketing decision in your business. What’s the difference between a customer profile and a customer persona? a customer profile is a basic high-level description of your ideal customers a customer persona is a fictional customer (with a photo, name, personality etc.) that represents the common traits of your ideal customers. In regards to defining Buyers Persona, I personally like Tony Zambito’s case study. According to which, Why to research Buyer Personas? The purpose of researching and modeling buyer personas is to help us gain a deeper understanding of buyers and their buying behaviors.  This helpful understanding aimed at informing decisions on marketing and sales strategies.  Learning about the buyers of today involves learning about the new language of buyers.  A deeper understanding also requires we develop a new robust vocabulary about buyers – expressed in everyday terms.  This new vocabulary must be consistent as in any practice and discipline. Where They Buy The explosion of multiple channels in the new digital age makes this more important to understand than a dozen years ago.  Understanding how buyers wish to travel seamlessly through channels is emerging as a competitive difference maker.  We want to know how this affects buying behavior. When They Buy Nurturing is beginning to mature as a concept.  Potential buyers can be in the “not in the market” and “not ready to buy” category.  Greater understanding of how buyers and influencers behave during these periods can make the difference between having a pipeline next year – or not. Why This Definition Still Matters This definition is central to the fundamentals of buyer persona development.  Designed to help us make informed decisions on marketing and sales strategies.   It still matters, even more so today, due to this one important reason:  B2B buying behaviors continue to change at a rapid pace never before seen. Your customer’s Persona is vita to ensure your marketing efforts generates optimum sales.  The better your understand your customers the effective the result gets.   If any one of you have any questions, feel free to shoot in the comment section and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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  • How does potential business decides to get listed on your directory site? 4 November 2015

    Are you aware of the steps it takes for a business to really consider to get listed on your directory site? What’s involved on their end, and on your end? You might be spending a lot of time explaining the same things, over and over again to each prospect business – Why they should get listed on your directory site. I know I was. And I’ve been working with wordpress directory business owners consistently for 100+ days. So I decided to change things up a few months back, and automated more than half of the process to get business from interested to listed with directory site for monthly defined charge. Call me an experimenter. I’m never satisfied with how anything works, and am always trying to change things up to see if something else works better. Since I started working with Templatic I hadn’t done anything with how I on-board clients. Here’s what it typically looked like: Client finds Templatic directory products through google or an affiliate marketing site linked to They click directory child themes and see directory demos. If they’re impressed, they make a purchase. Support team email them back and provide them answers to the queries related to marketing or installation / configuration. They launch the directory and put advertises even before they have generated any noticeable business listings. Now most users would get stuck in the trap of making the website look really really perfect instead they should apply a MVP formula here and focus on planning and marketing. Some figure it out and while others leave the boat. That’s the flow of directory themes execution. When I wrote it out, it became obvious that I could improve and automatize a few things for betterment & to improve success ratio of Directory as a Business. This would increase the efficiency and process of the directory product launch and paid business listings. My new on-boarding process for WordPress Business Directory clients On-boarding, a brief definition On-boarding is term from human resources for new hires, later taken by growth hackers and application developers to refer to taking on and orienting a new customer. The process is slightly different here and it is often broken into three parts: Free Sign-up, Generating value, and Start paying. Free Sign-up – You were looking for a Directory theme and as you landed on Let’s say you found a business directory... Read more »

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  • How to Start an Online Directory in 45 Minutes – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 2 November 2015

    Want to start an Online Directory, but don’t know where to begin?Here I wrote this step-by-step guide for you. I created this guide to give beginners a fast, foolproof guide to start a Directory site, without much hassle or wasting your time exploring a thousand possibilities. I also wanted to help you avoid all the expensive mistakes that most people do while creating a directory site. It’s not just a website but a business that you develop. P.S. This guide is 3,109 words long which means roughly 45 minutes of reading. So grab yourself a tea, coffee or juice (whichever you prefer) and start with STEP 1. If you get stuck, send me an email and I’ll do my best to help you out. Step-by-step walk-through to start a Directory Site I have divided the guide into 7 steps. To get the ball rolling its going to require a few things to set up. Decide the Niche or Domain Get Domain and Hosting Get a WordPress Directory theme Content, Traffic & Get Paid For Listings Get Paid For Advertises Branding Defend and Expand …and once you’ve set up your directory, I’ve also put together couple of additional guides for SEO marketing. Since you were searching for how to start a directory site – I think you might want to get started ASAP. Ready? What is an Online Directory? Let’s say you own a local site called New York and you got it to the top of the search engines for all the local New York city real estate key phrases. Then every real estate agent/individual would pay you a monthly fee to put up a webpage on your site, so that he could benefit from your traffic and your great search engine positioning. In fact you might call every real estate agencies in town and say “Would you like us to put up a page in our local real estate directory to represent your business”? If 20 real estate brokers / agencies take you up on it and you charge them each $100 per month, then you have a $2k per month residual income from your real-estate directory. Don’t believe me? Pradeep created a directory site of accommodations & travel about cities of Melbourne, Australia – Click here. He used SpotFinder Theme. He charges $90 to $500 per listing. George created a directory site of fitness centers about cities... Read more »

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  • The Golden Sales Pitch by John Durham to Increase your Paid Directory Listings 2 November 2015

    Hi __________? This is _______ with ___________ , you may have heard of us. We are one of the online directories in Houston, Texas. Real briefly, the reason for the call is, In an effort to expand our representation in the Houston area, for a limited time, we are giving away absolutely free professionally custom designed space, as a GIFT to all the local Houston Restaurants / Travel Agents (since Houston is famous for it) such as _____ and ______ and a few others… (give popular local examples) I just needed to call and ask a couple of questions to make sure we get the info on your free listing right… (Now go right into assuming the close and start asking questions) I have you down as being located at ________________ is that correct? (If they say “Yes”, or give you the correct info, then you have their initial interest) Great, and just to make sure we represent you properly…let me ask you a few more quick questions…Did you folks have any particular company colors you wanted us to use on your home page? (If they give you a color, they are really on the line) Great, and does your company have a slogan? Okay great. And __________ how long have you been in business there? Okay great, that’s important for visitors to know… And are you a corporate branch, or independently owned and operated? Okay I will jot that down…a lot of people see family owned businesses as more attractive to do business with… Do you offer any special services that you want listed on your web page? Okay great. The more detail we can offer the better. Okay and what are your office hours? (If they are still answering at this point, they are hooked and almost ready to transition to the “close”) Now _______ once your web page starts getting visitors they are going to need a way to contact you through your site… do you want us to use a phone number as your main contact, or include a form your page that they can fill out to submit to you via email, or both? Good deal. By the way, if you receive email on your phone you can get a message alert every time a visitor fills out the contact form, That way you never miss a customer… (Prospect is thinking “cool”!) And ________ What... Read more »

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