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  • Directory v1.1.4 is out with new location management features and much more 23 April 2014

    The developers have been busy lately working on a few new features and dozens of improvements for the Directory theme. The Directory wishlist thread is one of the most popular threads inside our forums and that’s something that makes us happy. We love the fact you guys care about Directory and wish to see it grow! This particular update isn’t very heavy on new features, but it does address something a lot of members want to see improved – location management. Manage locations globally, with only one country and with only cities Directory was created as a theme you can use to create a global directory website. With the ability to easily browse multiple countries, states and cities we believe this has been accomplished successfully. However, one thing a number of our members complained is the fact this global focus makes the theme less user friendly when used for smaller directories. They were right, it really doesn’t make sense to force every visitor to select a country and state when all content is within just one state. With v1.1.4 you can address this problem by choosing 1 of 3 location options: All Countries – essentially how the theme works now. This is what should be selected if you’re looking to add multiple countries inside Directory. One Country – display states and cities from a specific country. The option will hide the country dropdown from the header city selector, City Dropdown widget and the submission form (city select field). Only Cities – hides the country and state dropdown and leaves you with just the cities. This option essentially transforms Directory city management in the way it was inside GeoPlaces. This is really useful in case you’re looking to create a small directory website with just a few nearby cities. One thing worth noting is that “country”, “state” and “city” are relatively loose terms. There is nothing stopping you from creating a different structure, one where a city like New York is added as a state and its boroughs are “cities” within that state. The only thing you must do after committing to something like this is change text strings to the appropriate new names (“state” to “city”, “city” to “borough”, etc). New Fields Monetization feature Fields Monetization add-on owners can from now on limit the number of categories visitors can select while submitting a listing. This will be very useful on... Read more »

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  • Introducing the new Video theme! Create and manage a video website easily with WordPress 16 April 2014

    Today I’m happy to announce a totally new take on Video, a responsive video WordPress theme. The original free theme was released almost four years so this will definitely be a welcome refreshment. This updated theme comes with a totally new mobile-first codebase (explained below) and guaranteed support with every purchase. Totally new codebase and focus on mobile Powered by ZURBs Foundation, the new Video theme is fast, like, really fast. The lightweight framework makes this the speediest theme inside our portfolio. Part of that is also due to the approach we took with features. Compared to most of our other themes, Video does not come with many bells and whistles. The theme does one thing, and does it well. Even though we’ve been creating responsive themes for years now, the new Video just might be our best work so far. The Foundation as a whole was built with CSS optimizations and mobile users in mind so the theme is, in a way, just following the same basic principles. Visit the demo site with your smartphone or tablet to see the responsiveness in action. Simple video management Creating a video entry inside the new Video is as simple as it gets. Set a title, enter a description and paste the embed code – that’s it. Optionally, you can also upload a thumbnail or have it generated automatically be Video Thumbnails plugin. Along with pasting the embed code, you can also display a video by with nothing more than a URL. This is enabled by oEmbed, click here for a list of supported sites. Videos are handled by a separate “Video” post type; meaning they are totally separate from your blog posts and other types of content. A cool thing about this new version is that you don’t really have to rely on video sharing sites (like YouTube) – you can upload your own videos. To accomplish this simply upload the video while creating a video post (use the Add Media button) and the theme will take care of the rest. Change colors in real-time Use the Appearance ⇨ Customize section to tweak theme colors and significantly alter the look of your site. Changing the whole look from black to white is quite literally just a few clicks away. The beauty of the WordPress customizer is that everything you change is reflected (in the preview window) in real-time. Along with changing... Read more »

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  • Directory 1.1.3 update is available with loads of improvements 1 April 2014

    As of this moment, visiting the WordPress dashboard will allow you to update Directory to version 1.1.3. Please update all four components in order to get all the improvements introduced with this update. Also, backup. Doesn’t matter if you just started and haven’t changed much, still backup. When it comes to the stuff that were changed…. keep reading. Copy styling from existing post types Starting today styling your custom post types becomes a lot less work. Until now, newly created post types looked nothing like the default “Listing” type meaning you had to make several PHP tweaks in order to copy the design. This is no longer necessary. While creating a new post type, its design will be automatically copied from the “Listing” post type. As usual, once you create the post type don’t forget to assign some of the existing custom fields to it. Two major event-related changes All those using the Events add-on will be happy to hear that past events can now be easily removed from the site. This was something a number of our members requested in the forums so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for that feedback. The option to hide past events is located inside the Tevolution ⇨ Event Settings section (you need to have the add-on to see it). Once enabled, all existing past events will be drafted. The same thing will happen with future (past) events automatically. After they are marked as drafts, the events will stop showing throughout the site (map, homepage, category page, etc). To re-activate such an event you’ll have to edit its start/end date and manually publish it. The second major event-related news is the inclusion of a new widget – Events Listing. This widget can be used to show Current and Upcoming events (Past event won’t show even when enabled) on the homepage in either Grid or List view. The widget can also be used in sidebar areas throughout the theme. Other widget options include a category filter and the ability to change sorting. Sorting options are: Start date, Latest published, Alphabetical and Random. What is the difference between Past, Current and Upcoming events? This particular grouping is determined by comparing the events start/end date with the today’s date. Events are classified as Past when the end date is “smaller” than today’s date. Current means today’s date falls between the start and... Read more »

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  • City Guide directory theme. Build a listings directory for your hometown 25 March 2014

    City Guide is our sixth Directory child theme (Yay)! Unlike the previous two we’ve released (Travel and Cuisine) this one isn’t focused on a particular niche or market segment. Instead, the primary role of City Guide is just to provide another new look for Directory. Design changes in the City Guide theme The most obvious changes are definitely those to the homepage. City Guide features a boxy design with a clearly outlined container. Another significant change is the inclusion of two widget areas between the slider and Main Content area. On our demo the left area displays the Homepage Display Posts widget while the right one displays the Slider. My favorite changes in City Guide theme are those done to “List View” listings inside the homepage and category pages. A dotted line clearly separates custom fields from the rest of the content. Newly added custom fields will also be grouped on that right side. Just like with previous child themes, the listing detail page also received a big overhaul. City Guide is the first Directory variant without the detail page tabs. Instead of using tabs, stuff like videos and events will appear below the main listing content. Click here for a quick screenshot. City Guide custom pages As mentioned earlier, City Guide comes with lots of newly designed pages. You’ll find demo links to each of them below. Category page (don’t forget to switch between Grid, List and Map view) Listing detail page People page All in One Map page Submit Listing page Contact Us page template Author page Blog page All the Directory features you know and love… Front-end content submission (and management) Unlimited pricing plans (charger per post or per subscription) Create unlimited custom fields Google maps everywhere Advanced Search functionality as both a page template and a widget Totally widgetized and responsive homepage For a list of all features visit the Directory sales page. What kind of child theme would you like to see? Even though our forums are booming with great ideas about new Directory add-ons and features (thank you for that, seriously), child theme suggestions are pretty rare. In your opinion, which niche would benefit the most from a Directory child theme? Let us know in the comments. Have ideas for Directory add-ons? Share them inside the Directory wishlist thread. If you have any question about the City Guide child theme just use our contact... Read more »

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  • Transform Directory into a trip review site with the Travel WordPress theme 13 March 2014

    Travel is a Directory child theme with an emphasis on the travel industry. The theme will allow local hotels and travelling agencies to offer their services on your site. Of course, it can also be used internally; for showcasing trips and deals from your own company. Allowing Travel to be more focused on this particular niche are multiple custom fields created specifically for this theme. They’ve been grouped under a new header called “Travel Information”. Installing the Travel child theme (and its sample data) will load the following custom fields: Deal Type Destination Agency Number of days Transport type Departure dates The above fields will be shown inside a separate “Travel Info” tab inside listing detail pages. Design changes and improvements Compared to the parent Directory theme, Travel comes with a significantly redesigned detail and category pages. Detail pages in Travel display a much greater focus on images since that is often the first thing many of us open when planning a vacation. The detail page also features a new tab (Travel Info) as mentioned earlier. Category pages in Travel come with a focus on travel information instead of the general listing description. Each listing on the page has also been placed into a subtle frame; one that is slightly highlighted of mouse hover. All this makes browsing category pages a lot more enjoyable. Directory parent theme and all its child themes are entirely responsive. A powerful travel deals WordPress theme After installing the Travel child theme you’ll have two options: installing the regular Directory sample data or installing new, Travel-specific sample listings and custom fields. If you choose the second option expect to see content appropriate for that particular niche. It will mostly consist out of deals for trips to various locations around the world. Loading the sample data will show you how to get the most out of Travel and in turn allow you to get started with your own listings much faster. Still a directory theme at its core All this focus on the travel industry doesn’t change the fact Travel is very versatile, just like its parent Directory theme. All the powerful Directory features you’ve gotten to know and love over the months are still present. There is nothing stopping you from creating a restaurants directory with Travel. Yes, Cuisine would be more appropriate, but what’s life without a few challenges? :) Travel is one of... Read more »

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  • Templatic is now 6 years old! Celebrate with us and get an awesome deal 12 March 2014

    It just hit me that it’s been a full year since we did this the last time. On March 15th we’ll officially be 6 years old! That’s a long time for a regular company, but here on the internet it’s officially regarded as a long ass time. What happened with Templatic in the last year? Short answer, lots of very positive things. Even shorter answer, Directory. That theme quickly took center stage as the marquee Templatic product and it is something we are all very proud of. But it’s not just Directory, during the last 12 months we introduced the installation services, released unique new themes like Cartsy, 5 Star, Restaurante and even did a revamp of the whole website. Here’s a few quick stats… 4 major theme upgrades 12 new themes 22 new plugins (half are payment gateways, but still) 50,000 customers strong During our fifth year we celebrated an important milestone – 50,000 paying customers. As you can imagine, it feels pretty good knowing we helped so many people in creating their website… specially considering we’ve always been focused on themes with a relatively niche audience. About those awesome deals we mentioned… The birthday promotion starts today and lasts a full week. The last day of the promotion is March 19th, 2014. This time around you’ll get a free product with every purchase you make. We’ll have one deal for single-product purchases and a separate one for new Club members. Just scroll down to read more. Existing member? Don’t forget to login on the checkout page. Buy 1, get 1 free The deal applies to all Templatic themes and plugins with combinations between the two also being possible. For example, during the promotion you’ll be able to get the Directory theme with a free add-on of your choice. To claim this free product, simply start the purchase process for the theme or plugin you’re interested in. A dropdown will appear during checkout in which you’ll select the bonus product. One limitation is that the bonus product can’t be more expensive than the primary. Club membership deal If you decide to opt for the Club, know that we’ll be providing 2 bonus add-ons with each purchase. Open this page to see which Directory add-ons we have available at the moment. Follow these steps to claim the add-ons: Purchase the Club. Send me an email with the add-ons you want.... Read more »

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  • Directory continues to improve. Version 1.1.2 is now available! 6 March 2014

    Today we have some good news for all Directory owners as the popular theme has just received another important update. The update consists mostly of smaller improvements and bug fixes, however there are a few features thrown into the mix… Change your URLs with the Custom Permalinks feature Up until today you could use the back-end to only change the name of your post types, but not the URL base. Using a brand new back-end section available from Tevolution ⇨ Custom Permalinks, you can choose whether to delete or modify the slug for each of your post types. Assuming only Directory is installed (no add-ons), here’s what you can change/delete from the Custom Permalinks section: Listing base (for detail pages) Listing categories base Listing tags base Author base City base (edit only) Post type, category and tag base for every post type you created using the Custom Post Types section Keep in mind that base slugs for custom post types exist for a reason. Removing them can cause URL conflicts between multiple content types. Consider yourself warned :) Custom CSS has been revamped The custom.css file has always been the go-to choice for most users when it comes to customizing a theme. However, problems with this file started occurring when we introduced the automatic update feature as it would overwrite all theme files – including custom.css. In Directory 1.1.2 everything you add to custom.css is stored inside the database, allowing you to update the theme without worrying whether you performed a backup or not (Quick tip: When in doubt, backup :) ) To make the file more accessible for editing we introduced a new back-end section. Appearance ⇨ Custom CSS Editor is the place where you’ll be making quick CSS edits from now on. If this is your first time hearing about custom.css, check out this article… it might help. New widget available: All in One Search The new widget works in similar fashion as the Search by Address widget usually located inside the Header area. However, instead of focusing on keywords + location, this one focuses on searching keywords from all types of content on the site. The widget can be used to search through tags, reviews, categories and even custom fields. You can also choose whether to search site-wide or just within the current city. Lots and lots of little improvements I mentioned inside our last newsletter (and... Read more »

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  • Create a local restaurant directory with WordPress and Cuisine 4 February 2014

    Cuisine is another child theme for Directory. It’s the first child theme to alter the functionality as well as the design. It’s nothing major, but enough to transform the good ol’ Directory theme into a powerful WordPress restaurant directory. Is this your first time hearing about the parent Directory theme? Click here to learn more. With Cuisine, Directory is seeing probably the biggest makeover so far. Unlike clean and simple designs available with the parent theme, everything in Cuisine is curvy, stylish and in tune with what most restaurants-related websites look like. If you happen to be a fan of the standard slider-on-top approach, you can easily rearrange the elements to suit your needs. Just like the parent Directory theme, the homepage in Cuisine is entirely widgetized. Cuisine comes with a fully responsive design. To see it in action visit the demo site with your phone or just resize the browser window on your computer. In terms of new functionality, it’s all about the new default custom fields. In order to make the directory seem more authentic, we’ve added new custom fields such as Price Range, Waiter Service, Suitable for Children, Parking, Wi-Fi and more. Because of these fields, the focus of listing detail pages was changed as well. Instead of showing the description first, detail pages will first show the custom fields related to the listing and make the description available as a separate tab. Unlike the parent theme which displays the map inside a tab, Cuisine shows a small map no matter which tab is currently active. Share your work and get a free plugin For the last few weeks every Directory owner can get a free add-on of their choice by sharing either their translations or a city CSV file. In case you translated the Directory theme into your native language, click here to share the PO file. Also, if you happen to have a complete city CSV file for a particular country, share it here. What’s your opinion on Cuisine? Do you like the way these child themes are progressing? Let me know in the comments :) View Live Demo, take a Test Drive or Purchase Cuisine

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  • Create a stylish yellow pages directory with YellowPages child theme 23 January 2014

    YellowPages is our third child theme for Directory. Similar to Emblem and Explore before it, YellowPages is here to offer another, totally different approach to the popular Directory theme. Some of the child themes that are in the works will offer new features as well, but for now… it’s all about the design. Is this your first time hearing about the parent Directory theme? Click here to learn more. Inspired by popular yellow pages and classified sites, YellowPages features an attractive white and yellow color combination. All theme pages (particularly homepage) have been designed to make content as easy to find as possible. The big and prominent sidebar works great for displaying categories and most of all makes navigation through the site very consistent. YellowPages comes with a fully responsive design. To see it in action visit the demo site with your phone or just resize the browser window. Just like in the parent Directory theme, homepage in YellowPages is entirely widgetized. This means you can swap the homepage slider for a map in literally 10 seconds. Category pages are designed to showcase filtering widgets inside the sidebar, but changing that is just a few clicks away. Quick reminder: Directory 1.1 is available Released last week, the Directory 1.1 update brings by far the biggest improvements of any update since the initial release. I’m personally most excited about the localization improvements since they make Directory soooo much easier to translate compared to before. We hope you like the new design and the way Directory is growing, specially since the child themes will get even better in the upcoming months. On a similar note, what do you think about YellowPages? Do you see yourself using it to create a new classifieds website? View Live Demo, take a Test Drive or Purchase YellowPages

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  • Directory 1.1 is out with post upgrade functionality and better localization 16 January 2014

    Even though the Directory theme was launched almost 3 months ago, we never really stopped working on the theme. During this time several small improvements have been made, but nothing that would warrant a blog post. Today we are ready to unveil Directory 1.1 with a few substantial tweaks that have been in the works for a while now. Post upgrade functionality Before today’s update regular members could not change the active price package (payment plan) while the submitted post was active. They had to wait for it to expire and then choose the price package during the renewal process. With this update each member can click on “Upgrade” from his/hers user dashboard and initiate a process during which they’ll be able to select a new price package. The checking out part is the same as before; any payment gateways you might have installed will work with the upgrade functionality as well. From the management perspective, the functionality is pretty simple. Once a user upgrades a post the new price package will be applied starting with the day the upgrade was made. In other words, the remaining time from the previously active price package will be lost. In order to keep things simple we’ve decided against options such as the ability to upgrade by paying the difference amount. Such functionality would be very hard to implement and also something that would rarely be used. From the information we gathered, most upgrades will happen from free to premium packages, not premium to premium. With this update we’ve also included a new email notification. The admin (you) will be notified every time someone upgrades a post. A separate notification will also be send if the “Pre Bank” payment option is selected so you know to expect to see money in your bank account. Translating Directory just got easier Because of its segmented design and a total of 4 major components, Directory was much harder to translate than most other WordPress themes. With the 1.1 version we are addressing this in three ways… 1. Separate front-end and back-end strings With Directory 1.1 you will find two PO files for each plugin and the actual theme; one for front-end and one for back-end strings. By separating the strings into two different files you’ll finally be able to translate just the front-end. This is something we’ve wanted to do for quite some time but just... Read more »

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