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  • The Luxury WooCommerce theme has been released 16 October 2014

    While preparing for the upcoming Diwali holidays we were also working on a minimal, elegant WordPress eCommerce theme for you to showcase your products and sell them online. Please welcome Luxury! The theme is coded on top of the massively popular Foundation 5 framework. In other words, your eCommerce site will be fast, responsive and future ready. We worked with the Foundation framework on some past themes and were extremely happy with its performance. If you are a developer or just someone who likes tinkering with code, you will love this theme! As mentioned earlier, the theme was designed with WooCommerce in mind. WooCommerce has quickly become the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress meaning it’s a tried and tested platform just waiting for you to jump in. Love it? Hate it? Please let us know in the comments. View Live Demo, take a Test Drive or Purchase Luxury

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  • Case study of A business directory powered by the Directory theme 11 October 2014

    Over the next few weeks and months we will be presenting some of the most popular websites created with the Directory theme. The first such site is To find out as much as possible about the site I had a discussion with Brian Burroughs, the creator of He was kind enough to answer all of my questions and provide a glimpse into what it’s like creating and running a directory website. Can you provide a few more words about yourself? What is your background? I am Brian Burroughs, the director and CTO at Enterprise East, incorporated in Poland. I spent more than 20 years in the IT field, from Unix engineering roots growing to enterprise midrange, storage and monitoring, and solutions architecture. In 2012 I decided it was the right time to make the move to entrepreneur. At the time Poland appealed as a startup-friendly place, and I chose the North coast “Trójmiasto” region. We have a small office in Sopot with a great team where we run a remote concierge service, and are growing web communities such as Engdex. We also do a small amount in general web development and animation production. We have a lot of plans to leverage our multi-lingual team for new streams of business, but have to stay focused on core initiatives so as not to spread ourselves too thinly. How did you get the idea to create We followed an interesting path to arrive at Engdex. We have a sister company offering multilingual virtual assistants ( and in the beginning 2012/2013 we were looking to market it to the ex-pat community in Switzerland and Germany. We looked into advertising on some of the websites there. We found that the websites we did find were extremely poor quality, reminiscent of 1990’s HTML, and the prices were high. Even worse, the people behind these sites were individuals with no decent support response and no real company infrastructure. For example, none were capable of issuing an EU VAT receipt. One even had a foreign national taking payment for advertising space by funds transfer to her offshore personal account! It seemed like this market was a viable business model, and we could take a slice provided we could combine quality front end sites, a dependable EU VAT registered company behind it, and full-service creation and curation of quality listings. Who is the key demographic at... Read more »

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  • What’s up? Work in progress updates 9 October 2014

    You might be wondering what’s going on at Templatic? We were on a good momentum with continuous, useful product releases and then kinda stopped with the release of SpotFinder. What is happening? Well, this blog post is essentially a big update on what is going on at Templatic right now. A few months ago we started working on several improvements in our flagship product – Directory. One thing led to another and suddenly we realized that these changes don’t belong in a run of the mil update. With that in mind we set our path for the 2nd version of the product. Yes, Directory 2.0 is on the way! Work on this was started even before SpotFinder theme was released and we originally set for the date October 2nd, 2014. But as you can guess, setbacks happened and even though the product is completed, we want to take extra time to make sure the product is absolutely fine and market ready. The entire team is hard at work and we are testing and fixing all the bugs we can find out from every nook and corner. Our guess is that it should be ready in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, we can not promise a specific date. What’s included in Directory 2.0? In general, we have tried to make it friendly for your site visitors. This means map improvement, better submission process, performance improvements, monetization improvements, instant search, ability to enable mobile specific version, improved image handling… the list goes on. Basically, we avoided adding feature bloat into it and instead made it easier, better, faster for you and your site visitor. Wish I can say more but let us wait a little longer. WooCommerce theme is coming up Apart from this, we have a WooCommerce theme (previewed earlier in SpotFinder theme release post) should come up next week if everything goes well. It is going to be the best WooCommerce theme we have come up with so far. Diwali holidays coming up (October 21-27, 2014) We have Diwali vacation coming up from October 21 to 27, 2014. Diwali in India is celebrated like Christmas and New Year in western countries. Entire team will be on holiday during this time and limited support will be available during this period. Classifieds module is coming up Right after Diwali, once the newer version of Directory is available, we have another module prepared... Read more »

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  • Celebrating the new cart with a 24h offer: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! 29 September 2014

    In case you haven’t noticed, now sports a shiny cart that allows you to checkout with more than one product at a time. To celebrate this we’re organizing a short 24 hour offer. Starting today and ending tomorrow you can get a bonus product on everything you purchase! The offer is valid for both single-product purchases (themes & plugins) and also our Club membership! How to grab the deal? Just click on “Add to cart” for the product you want and open the cart. A special dropdown menu will appear inside the cart offer allowing you to specify which bonus product you want. You’re allowed to combine themes and plugins. In other words, if you’re checking out with Directory, feel free to choose any of the available add-ons as the bonus product. If you’ll have any questions about the offer or a specific product feel free to use the comments section below. If you prefer to ask us stuff privately, just use the contact form.

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  • Introducing SpotFinder, a Directory child theme built to utilize modern screen sizes; inspired by Airbnb 28 August 2014

    Ever since the original GeoPlaces and then Directory theme was released, the industry has adapted the trend set by templatic for listings kind of themes. Map at the top, listings at the bottom. It was great back then in 2011 when wide, big screens were not adapted yet. Things has changed and now we rarely see those 17″ screens being used. Screen space on both the side goes wasted while you are presented the content at the center of your screen. Today we are excited to break this trend and offer a perfect solution needed today for directory sites. Announcing 8th Directory child theme – SpotFinder. SpotFinder is continuing the trend of reimagining Directory with new and unique child themes. It’s inspired by the new Airbnb website and thus comes with some really big design changes when compared to the parent theme. The power and beauty of Directory theme is that you can skin it the way you want with child themes. The SpotFinder theme features a unique layout for your directory theme powered site. Full-width layouts Possibly the biggest changes are those implemented within category and detail pages. Those pages are now created to fully utilize all available screen size. In both cases there is a giant map area available on the left while the regular content is displayed on the right side. This left area inside category pages can even be customized with widgets. If you don’t need the map, just swap it with something else. Unique homepage Unlike most other Directory child themes, the SpotFinder theme homepage isn’t very focused on the map. Instead, the search bar is now the most prominent element of the homepage. Also, the header has been significantly resized and now contains just a small logo, your menu and the “Add Listing” button. The big image you see behind the search bar is actually the header image for that city. In other words, changing the image is possible by changing the current city. Other sections of the homepage can be tweaked with widgets; the homepage is completely widgetized. Displaying a map on the SpotFinder homepage is as simple as placing the “Homepage Map” widget inside any of the homepage widget areas. Tabs are back Over the last few weeks a few of you mentioned the lack of tabs inside child themes like Locations. Your feedback didn’t go unnoticed, we made sure to include... Read more »

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  • Independence Day deal: Buy 1 add-on, get another one for free! 15 August 2014

    Today is India’s Independence Day so we wanted to celebrate it with you guys. Over the last few months we’ve released a number of new add-ons so it’s fitting to have this deal be all about them. For every Directory add-on purchase you get another one totally free! The deal ends on August 22nd, 2014. Visit the Directory add-ons page to see what’s available. Claiming the free add-on Begin checkout for any of the Directory add-ons. In other words, open an add-on page and click the green “Purchase” button. Login to your account or fill in the necessary details to create a new one. Select your bonus add-on inside the designated dropdown. Note: The bonus add-on can’t be more expensive than the primary. Choose the payment method. I recommend using PayPal if you have a PayPal account (it’s faster and more reliable). After clicking on “Secure Checkout” you will be taken to a secure site (either 2Checkout or PayPal) where you can complete the purchase. Latest add-ons As mentioned earlier, we released quite a few add-ons over the last few months. Here are some that you might find interesting: Real Estate – transform Directory into a real estate portal with advanced search, instant filters and IDX compatibility Reviews Manager – allow listing authors to manage reviews posted on their listings. The feature integrates with price packages so you can charge for this privilege. Listing Statistics – give listing authors the ability to see visitor stats for their listings. Just like Reviews Manager, it also integrates into price packages. User filters for MailPoet – the only free add-on current available. Helps you send targeted emails with MailPoet. Don’t forget, this is a limited time offer that ends on August 22nd so try to act quickly. And as always, leave a comment below if you have any questions about the deal.

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  • Two new payment gateways available: Dwolla and PayPal EC 13 August 2014

    Over the last couple of months we’ve released a number of new add-ons for Directory, but it’s been a while since we announced new payment gateways. Dwolla and PayPal Express Checkout are the latest additions! After enabling these add-ons your visitors will be able to use them to pay for price packages. Of course, you will need a merchant account with each before getting started. Dwolla What sets Dwolla apart from other payment gateways is the fact you don’t pay any fees for transactions under $10. And for those over $10 you just pay a flat fee of $0.25. Dwolla doesn’t require an SSL certificate to work since payments are processed on a secure Dwolla website (similar to PayPal). It’s worth noting that Dwolla is only available in the United States. Contact us or Purchase Dwolla payment gateway PayPal Express Checkout PayPal Express Checkout is a good solution if most of your members do not already have PayPal accounts. Unlike the regular PayPal checkout (built into Directory), PayPal EC allows users to create a new account while checking out. It also doesn’t require an SSL certificate as payments are processed on a secure PayPal site (and not your own). And just like the regular PayPal, Express Checkout also supports recurring payments. Contact us or Purchase PayPal EC gateway

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  • What is the best way to customize Directory? 9 August 2014

    With more and more people customizing Directory I figured it was time to create a proper article which outlines the best way to tweak CSS and PHP in Directory. My initial plan was to release it as a blog post, but the size of the article got out of hand so it had to be moved over the Docs site. Please click here to open the Directory customization article. In short, the best way to customize Directory is to utilize either a child theme or a plugin. The article linked above focuses mostly on customizing with a plugin since a number of you are already using a child theme (City Guide, Locations, etc). By placing custom code inside a plugin we eliminate the danger of losing our modifications after updating the theme to the latest version. One important thing you should keep in mind before starting with customizations is that the article is focused on people with past customization experience. In case you’re new to WordPress, and especially HTML, CSS and PHP you might want to build upon those skills first. The point of the article is to demonstrate the best technique for customizing Directory, it doesn’t go into specifics of how to actually customize PHP code. Useful resources to get started Codeacademy – learn HTML, CSS and PHP with expertly written interactive tutorials. Introduction to Hooks – a comprehensive WP Candy tutorial on how to use action and filter hooks in WordPress. How to create a child theme – an easy-to-follow article about creating child themes in WordPress. WordPress Codex – the ultimate source when customizing anything WordPress-related. If you have any questions about the customization article feel free to post them here in the comments or inside our forums.

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  • Real Estate add-on released. Makes Directory theme even more powerful 7 August 2014

    Last week we published a blog post which outlined plans to retire the newly released Real Estate Directory theme and instead provide a Directory add-on with the same functionality. Well, we didn’t want to keep you waiting for too long… the Real Estate add-on is now available! Create an ideal real estate portal using this add-on which includes property listing, custom property search and filters, unique property submission form and much, much more. View Live Demo or Purchase Real Estate add-on Extending Directory Best thing about this add-on is that it works on top of the existing Directory theme, with or without directory features. Meaning you have the power of the Directory platform (child themes, payment gateways, add-ons) yet, have the flexibility to build a real estate property and showcase it the way you want. And you always have the option open to extend your real estate portal to other niche in future. Quick list of features Create a real estate directory portal Customizable property search Instant property filter IDX/MLS compatibility (with dsIDXpress) Manage property statuses (assign tags) Advanced Homepage property widget Free for Club members Even though Directory add-ons aren’t generally included inside the Club membership, Real Estate will be an exception since these features were briefly available as part of the RE Directory theme. If you’re a Templatic Club member, simply connect to the member area and download the Real Estate add-on from the “Directory Extensions” section. This add-on covers everything necessary to build a real estate portal. And with the power of the Directory platform, real estate doesn’t have to be the only niche your site is focused on. The possibilities are virtually endless! View Live Demo or Purchase Real Estate add-on

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  • RE Directory theme to be converted as Real Estate add-on 1 August 2014

    Soon after Real Estate Directory theme was released in July some of the customers provided constructive feedback and mentioned the added confusion and complexity it would bring in for customers to maintain separate parent themes and at the same time, making Real Estate + Directory theme features on the same site harder to achieve. We had a team discussion on this and agreed on what our customers said. So, after a lot of back-and-forth discussions we decided to pull the plug, take back the real estate directory theme and make it available as Directory add-on instead. Why? The main reason why RE Directory was released as a parent theme (instead of as a child) was to allow us to create child themes specific to that parent theme. Another important reason was easier setup. Installing just RE Directory is definitely faster compared to Directory + RE plugin + child theme. But after customer feedback, we realize that the tradeoff isn’t worth it. We were committing to supporting a totally new parent theme, one that would make things harder for people going forward. In the end we have decided to stick with our original plan for Directory, and stay focused on just one parent theme and make it possible to have extended modules like Real Estate to work on the same site, just like our events add-on. Real Estate add-on coming next week The Real Estate add-on is already developed as a part of Real Estate directory and we are re-testing it with Directory theme to make sure of the compatibility. As of now, everything is great and working flawlessly as a part of Directory theme. If everything goes great, this add-on will be available next week. More joy for Directory theme owners as they can now have Directory + Events + Real Estate – all working together on one site! What about those who already purchased RE Directory? If you’re one of the members who purchased RE Directory in 2-3 weeks it was available, we apologize for this change and inconvenience. We suggest the following options: A full refund of your purchase with our sincere apology. Changing RE Directory to Directory + the new Real Estate add-on releasing next week. Along with those we’ll also offer a free add-on of your choice. To make this transition easier, we can manually update your site to this new system if you allow us... Read more »

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