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Looking to buy or sell a property: homes, condos, infills in Calgary? Find your next home here with up to date MLS listings. Browse a large choice of properties for sale in Calgary and save or compare the properties you like.

  • Calgary Inner City Condos for Sale 7 April 2015 Calgary Inner City Condos | Calgary Condos for Sale | Calgary Inner City Realtor | Peppé Bhasin, RE/MAX® Real Estate Central – your best choice.

    Calgary inner city condos and infill housing are in great demand due to more and more Calgarians choosing to live close to work. While suburban neighbourhoods are also a prime real estate option for many, especially young families, the commute to work for those employed in Calgarys downtown core can prove fairly frustrating and time-consuming. This is one of the reasons that Calgary is seeing a rise in infill homes, as space for new residential lots in Calgarys inner-city is very limited – if not virtually non-existent.

    What is infill housing? Infill housing is new housing constructed on vacant, underused lots that are found among older pre-existing properties in established urban neighbourhoods. In Calgary, the majority of infill developments are found in the NW and SW quadrants of the city, with neighbourhoods such as Altadore, Connaught, and the Marda Loop area being prime examples of the ever-rising trend of infill housing.

    Older homes with large lots are also potential sites for infill homes or mini-mansions. With lot space being at such a premium here in Calgary, older homes on larger lots have become prime locations for potential infill houses. For more information, please see our website for all our Calgary condos for sale.

  • Weekend Activities to Enjoy in Calgary 30 November 2014 For those who live in Calgarys inner city, Beltline condos, or even If you own/live in one of the luxury condos in Calgary, especially in downtown Calgary, there are many things you could do this weekend. Explore just some of the eclectic and fun events you could visit this weekend

    The Calgary European Film Festival will be held at the Globe Cinema during the weekend. The film festival takes you through a European tour starting with Switzerland, Czech Republic, and a number of other countries. If you are interested in seeing more than a few of the fine films they have on offer, a pass for the entire festival may be your most economical choice.

    If you enjoy live theatre, be sure to visit the Wright Theatre at the Mount Royal University to witness Donovan Deschner’s No Backup Plan. You also will not want to miss The Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Plaza Theatre.

    The Museum of Makings Field Trip is another attraction in Calgary. An event you can enjoy with the entire family, be sure to check out the Stride Gallery. The museum houses the personal collection of Ian MacGregor, including steam engines, tandem cylinders, and metal working. Be prepared for the 2-hour tour that starts from the Stride Gallery every Saturday morning.

    Some of the other events and festivals you could spend your time at include the Globe on Screen: Twelfth Night at Landmark Country Hills and the Puskas Award.

    Living in Calgary is a splendid experience in itself. The active and bustling life in the city, its growing job market, peaceful communities, and the convenient access to all amenities already make the city the perfect place to live. Calgary offers the perfect environment to raise a family, which is more than enough reason to check the calgary condos for sale. It is of no surprise that the housing market here continues to grow at a steady rate, both in terms of price and quality inventory.

  • Calgary High-End Resale Housing Market Expected to Break Annual Record 29 November 2014 Calgary condos for sale, especially Calgarys luxury condos, is a hot market right now. The high-end Calgary resale housing market continues to grow and is already poised to break the annual record, with the Calgary Real Estate Board reporting that there have already been two dozen sales in the top-end segment – with 2 months left to go, this number is expected to only go up.

    To put this into perspective, last year that figure was 16. 

    There has been demand for all kinds of high-end luxury homes throughout the year, from condos for sale in downtown Calgary to estates and everything in between. Buyers include all sorts of people, such as well-established business tycoons, top executives, entrepreneurs and business families. Market experts claim that all of these customers are full of confidence about the future prospects of Calgary’s housing market.

    The annual sales figures for ultra-luxury homes, as released by the CREB, clearly show that 2014 is set to create a record. Only two houses in the above-$3 million segment were sold in 2005. The figure grew to a staggering 10 the next year, 11 in 2007, 9 in 2008, 6 in 2009, 4 in 2010, 10 in 2011, 10 in 2012, and 16 the last year. As already mentioned, the figure is already at 23 and there are still 60 days to go in the year.

    According to Alberta housing market experts, the figure is expected to match or grow further in 2015. The market has shown rational growth so far and there have been a number of reasons supporting it. It is gradually moving towards sophistication and is becoming more diversified to meet the growing demand.

    There has especially been innovation in the ultra-luxury home segment recently, and the options include anything from new top-end condos for sale in calgary to vast estates which are only recently opening up to the market. In fact, there has been diversification of inventory in all the neighborhoods around calgary with the introduction of new luxury homes.

  • PwC Report Claims Calgary Market will remain Strong Next Year 27 November 2014 Calgary condos for sale, along with the entire Calgary real estate market, continues to enjoy steady growth. The PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) recently reported that the Canadian real estate market will continue to have steady growth in 2015. The report further claimed that Calgary will continue to be the preferred real estate market. When taken as a percentage of income, the condos for sale calgary were found to be more affordable than the national average.

    The report further elaborates that the rising housing prices in Calgary could be attributed to the decisions of the local municipal government and the lack of enough manpower. The municipal government focused most of its growth in the southeast and northeast, which led to limited availability of land and thus increased the prices.

    New home buyers are looking for Calgary luxury condos in downtown, where there are a limited number of homes available. On the other hand, many developers are focusing building in suburban communities. But that is still expected to be the trend as Calgary is growing from inside out – from the inner city to the suburban areas. Thus, owning a home in the heart of the city is a fortune that is restricted. The signs are already there to be seen as the vacancy rate is extremely negligible in the heart of the city.

    The report by PwC supports many other studies and surveys that claim the Canadian economy is going to see moderation and not anything of a crisis in 2015, even when oil prices have fallen dramatically over the last few months. Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver have been instrumental in the recovery process from the 2008 real estate slowdown. These cities now lead the pack in rebuilding the housing market, driven by a booming job market and the influx of a larger number of young adults with high net worth. It is the combination of all these factors that is driving up the prices of condos for sale calgary

  • Calgary Economy Projected to Remain Stable in 2015 26 November 2014 Oil prices are softening. The impact is expected to be felt on the Canadian economy too. But Calgary Economic Development released its 2015 Economic Outlook and states that Alberta will not be much affected by the global developments. All that is expected is slight “moderation” in the market.

    The province’s economy has been growing at 3 to 4 every year over the past few years. All that the economists are looking forward to is a moderation by .5 in 2015 and they dont see it affecting the commercial and housing sector. Alberta continues to be the fastest growing province and this difference is not going to affect its growing housing market, whether it is the mid-segment condos or the luxury condos Calgary.

    Even the Conference Board of Canada supports the claim. They agree that the drop in oil prices will affect the producers, but Alberta is already in such a strong position that any moderation will go unnoticed. While the country’s GDP is expected to grow by 2.5 next year, a significant thrust will come from the US experiencing positive developments in private investment, auto sales and employment.

    The Board also claims that supply and demand is well balanced in the Calgary housing market, which will lead to matching growth in house prices and family income. Most importantly, there is no growing bubble in luxury condos Calgary market, which may be there in those high-end Vancouver or Toronto markets.

    The annual Alberta CEO Survey by PwC acts as a major indicator for the current and future market scenario. According to the survey, most of Albertas CEOs have high aspirations for growth over the next year. In fact, more than 83 of the CEOs said that the province’s economy will perform better than the country’s overall economy, which may well affect those looking for condos for sale downtown calgary.

  • New condos for sale in Calgary with Apple Orchards 25 November 2014 Calgary is green. There is no denying it. But some innovative developers are planning to bring apple orchards to their two new downtown condos for sale in Calgary. The plan includes an apple orchard spread across more than an acre of area. Among other benefits, it will make the city even greener.

    According to a recent survey, it was found that 9 out of every 10 North Americans wanted to live in downtown cores which are greener. They found it more inspiring to choose a condo for sale in Calgary that also produced food.

    While providing such innovative concepts is one aspect of this growing housing market, it has increasingly been difficult for new buyers to find condos for sale in Calgary because of higher demand. Most developers claim that they had lower inventory throughout the year, and it is only recently that they have been able to meet the demand.

    The city is attracting young adults looking for both new condos and pre-owned condos. Most of them prefer owning a home downtown to remain within easy reach of their job and other facilities.

    Calgary may not be famous for its apples, but this new creative project is still more value for the homebuyers money. At a time when the major economies are becoming more conscious about climate change, Calgary seems to be on the right path. There are a number of similar projects in the works that could add more greenery to the city while addressing the growing need for homes for its growing population.

    The positive trend in the market has seen gradual price rise in both residential and commercial segments. The Calgary housing market has seen a growth of 0.5 in prices between September and October. The same trend has been experienced during the first week of November and it is expected to remain the same for condos for sale in calgary.

  • Calgary Commercial Space Market Drives the Housing Demand 24 November 2014 The Canadian commercial real estate market may be slowing down because of uninspiring job creation, but the situation is quite promising in Calgary. This was revealed in the National Office amp; Industrial Q3 2014 Statistical Summary by CBRE Limited. This also means a growing housing market and improving lifestyle in the city.

    According to the report there has been lukewarm job growth in the country, which has affected office leasing and renting activities. But the strong commercial-space leasing activity in Toronto and Calgary could gradually increase office demand in other nearby areas and drive demand for condos for sale Calgary and other regions.

    Calgary and Toronto have done well in office vacancy rates and have played an important role in helping the national vacancy rate drop by 10 points to 10.3, the first time in over 2 years. Calgary experienced a drop from 10.6 to 10.1 in Q2 of 2014. Similarly, the downtown market experienced a drop from 10 to 9.1. Overall, the office market consumption in the Q3 was more than 511,000 square feet.

    The overall impact of this drop in the vacancy rate will be felt by the housing sector in the cities. More offices have opened in the city and more people will be required to fill the jobs, and this will certainly drive more people from around to come and live in Calgary and Toronto. The positive commercial environment has been one of the main reasons why there has been growing demand for condos for sale Calgary and the increasing prices.

    According to the CBRE, the Canadian industrial segment continues to have limited availability of industrial space, and there is higher demand than supply in most areas including Calgary. In fact, the industrial market has become quite stable since the last year.

  • Opportunities to Celebrate Winter Holidays in Calgary 22 November 2014 Calgary offers an active yet peaceful and comfy lifestyle, almost unmatched in class, luxury and amenities in the entire Northern hemisphere. There are a number of calgary inner city condos for sale in the region and an increasing number of people including the young and old are moving to the city to enjoy a splendid lifestyle. There are many reasons for choosing the city as your abode. It has an active social life, studded with lots of festive activities and places. An example of how the city celebrates the holiday season is more than enough to get a peep into its magnificent way of life.

    Some of the highlights of this year’s winter holiday in Calgary include the Calgary Winter Festival, Olympic Plaza, Christmas at Heritage Park, and a number of music concerts. The Calgary Winter Festival takes place on 634 Avenue SW and some of the main attractions include sports, entertainment, music, kids’ fun and carnivals.  Make sure to check the Winterfest Carnival at Fort Calgary.

    Olympic Plaza is another great place to visit and enjoy skating with your family. The rink remains open 10 to 9 throughout the winter. Once Upon a Christmas At Heritage Park is another major attraction for those looking for condos for sale downtown calgary and thinking of making a living in the beautiful city. You could go about for a horse-drawn wagon ride, go shopping or meet the Santa and sing carols.

    There are scores of other attractions in Calgary that make it such a hot destination for new homeowners. The city has a bustling economy and a stable job market. There are many vacant homes in Downtown that make it easy for you to live in the heart of the city, close to all amenities and jobs. Make sure to visit the city once before making any second guesses.

  • Why Calgary Housing Sector is a Reliable Bet? 21 November 2014 The last of the big recessions brought the Canadian housing boom to an end. It was followed by a series of legislations that tightened the mortgage terms, affecting most of the housing sector. But Calgary, among a few other cities made a staggering recovery and saw significant price rises. There has been lot of activity around the city and there is a growing demand for calgary condos for sale.

    Economists have regularly reported this year that Calgary along with Toronto and Vancouver continue to resurge out of the crisis of 2009 even when most of the other cities are showing signs of falling house prices. The other cities noted by the experts are Toronto and Vancouver. One of the main factors that have been driving the development of more luxury condos calgary is its rapidly growing population. There is an influx of people to the city because of its growing job market and most of them are young and qualified people who are most likely to land high-paying jobs. Besides, the cheaper financing options are further facilitating the entire environment.

    But one of the latest reports by BMO claims that the other two cities may not be able to maintain the steady price growth in the future as in Calgary. Most of the slowdown is likely to be because of the increasing mortgage rates. As the prices are rising at the current rate, they are expected to become unaffordable at one stage. A spike in interest rates and sliding oil prices could combine together to affect the growing prices for luxury condos calgary.

    Calgary experienced significant house price drop in 2008 when the oil prices took a dip. But the city recovered faster compared to other cities. Even if the city doesn’t experience a moderate price drop in the near future, it still has some positive prospects for buyers in the long term.

  • Calgary Experiences Continual Growth in Prices for condo for sale calgary 20 November 2014 real estate growth factors are dependent mostly on regional factors. There is a widespread misconception that national or global factors have something to do with condo for sale calgary or in Toronto or in Hamilton. Still many so called real estate pros predict that the housing sector in Canada, and in general, in north America is poised to take some beating. But the fact is that Calgary and nearby areas have a unique real estate climate that is currently doing well despite how the national scenario appears to be.

    The Teranet-National Bank HPI report in October shows that compound prices have grown year-on-year for 61 consecutive months for the past 5 years. The prices of condo for sale in calgary grew .5 in just one month, which was a growth 10th month in a arrow and the longest positive streak among all the cities recorded in the report. On the other hand, the year-on-year prices grew by more than 9, which was the highest in the country.

    Relatively, Victoria experienced a year-on-year price decline in October at (-).1. thus, it is evident that it is more about local factors and not about national/global factors when it comes to real estate price fluctuations.

    The fast developments in Calgary could be attributed to the growth in prices. Besides, Hamilton and Toronto also experienced relatively high annual growth of 7.3 and 7.4 respectively.

    A few years ago Vancouver was in the middle of a major real estate crash. But it has recovered and recorded a 6.5 y/y growth last month. In fact, the city experienced a monthly growth of more than 1.2, one of the highest in the country. So if you are looking for a condo for sale calgary, this may be the right time to do so before the prices go further up.

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