Calgary CanVol – Get volunteering in your community!

Calgary CanVol - Get volunteering in your community!

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CanVol connects passionate youth to activist and volunteer opportunities in their communities. CanVol is free to use so get engaged!

  • Oil and Soil Conference Wrap-Up: Part Two 20 October 2016 Welcome to Part Two of my wrap-up on the Oil & Soil Conference, where representatives from oil companies, renewable energy companies, and special interest groups came together to discuss how we can all work together to make Canada stronger and cleaner. We are one of the largest energy producers in the world, but it is […]
  • Oil and Soil Conference Wrap-Up: Part One 20 October 2016 The Oil & Soil conference was a big hit! I had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you. Well, if you were there that is, which I hope you were. I definitely owe a large part of it to Ed Whittingham and Sherry Sian. These first two guests really helped […]
  • GDP Results: Alberta is Back! 4 October 2016 Looks like it was only a cruel summer on our air conditioners. Financial data has come in, and Canada’s GDP growth for July has exceeded forecasts. Expectations had the GDP growth to come in at 0.3% over June’s figures. Yet the final verdict was a 0.5% increase. And economists determined that the increase has come […]
  • Volkswagen Makes a Clean Getaway From Clean Diesel 4 October 2016 If I were to cheat on a test (which I would never do, but just walk with me for a second), I would be penalized. If I were to lie to my parents about my grades (which I would never do…keep walking), and they found out, I would be punished. If my lies contributed to […]
  • Justin Trudeau and the Great Compromise of 2016 4 October 2016 The Internet’s current boyfriend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is trying something new. I appreciate the effort. As someone who believes that Canada’s energy companies can coexist within our beautiful environment, I like politicians who don’t play the polarized card and instead try to find actual compromises. It gives me hope. Prime Minister Trudeau has recently […]


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