Choosing a PC over a Mac

From a home desktop to the laptop you carry to and from work, the choice between a PC and a Mac has never been more complex. With both computer systems running platform specific programs as well as cross sharing many new ones there are important things to consider when making the choice between owning a PC or owning a Mac.

  • Manufactures: Probably the most notable difference between PCs and Macs is the manufacturers. All Mac computers come from Apple, and have the Apple symbol on them. A PC on the other hand can come from one of many well known companies such as, Hewlett Packard, IBM, or even a custom designed desktop with components from various manufacturers.
  • Set up: For easy out of the box set up, the Mac has the advantage. Though this advantage may be quickly disappearing as more and more PCs are coming with similar plug and play ability and performance.
  • Cost: The cost of a PC vs. a Mac is subjective. Because the cost of any computer or laptop depends primarily on the features you want to have. You can find similar computers in both the PC and the Mac platform that will offer similar features in the same price range.
  • Memory: Extra RAM may seem an advantage for PCs, however because of software requirements in Windows programs this extra memory is more of a requirement than an advantage. Most PCs have about double the memory a similar Mac will have.
  • Hard Drive Space: Macs typically have smaller hard drives than PCs. However, the advantage that a Mac has is that its application files are slightly smaller and thus actually require less storage space than PC files.
  • Stability: The main reason that Mac grew so much in the computer industry is their reliability and stability. Where the PC would often crash or give users the blue screen of death, this rarely happened in the Mac platform. To combat this Windows has made their operating system more reliable to reduce the number of software crashes that happen. But, the reality is when looking for a stable computer system the Mac is still more reliable than the PC.
  • Compatibility: Because a Mac can also run Windows, this might give the advantage to the Mac. Many software programs being developed and distributed offer compatibility to both Windows and OS systems.
  • Availability: Because Macs are exclusive to apple the availability of after marker or repair parts is much easier to find parts, but much harder to customize or shop around for better prices or components.
  • Software and Operating System (Windows vs. OS): While the PC and the Mac have their own preferred operation system, the advantage when it comes to software must be the Mac because it can run Windows as well as Windows compatible software programs where a PC will not run any Mac related software.

What it really comes down to is personal style and preference! Because the primary components of the computers are similar, the software choices are just as prevalent for both, and the look and feel are even more similar now – it comes down to user feel, and purpose of use. The position and the movement of controls and programs will make the difference. The final key in making a choice between a PC and a Mac is determining what your primary use will be, and how each fits or affects that purpose.

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